From our Stage 5 Leader, Mr Phil Melcum

A teacher of ours shared this joke with me: “What is blue and doesn’t weigh very much? Light blue.” A beautifully crafted dad joke. So simple yet classic. Do you ever wonder where jokes originate from? Is there some mastermind grandfather churning out copious amounts of jokes for dads around the world to torture their kids with? 

The bible references the word joy over 150 times. It is in our DNA to laugh and share the laughter. God is a generous God who created us in His image therefore joy resides in Him and is a gift for us to cherish. There is an enemy though. The great thief. Satan is a joy thief and is at work robbing people of joy and laughter. As Christians we need to find the joy of the Lord to strengthen us in this time. Romans 15:13  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that as we work together in community, asking God to continually fill us with joy and peace, we will have an overflowing sense of hope for a brighter future for the community here at Belmont Christian College.

Calendar Dates


Primary School
09,16,23,30 – Stage 3 Surf School
20 Nov – Beginners Orientation Day
20 Nov – Virtual Book Parade
23&26 Nov – Beginners ‘Then and Now’ Dress Up Day
23 Nov – Home Reader Presentation
26 Nov – Primary School Leaders breakfast
27 Nov & 01 Dec – Beginners Graduation
02 Dec – Year 6 Virtual Graduation (11.30am)
03 Dec – Last Day Party Day

Secondary School
19 Nov – CSSA Open Boys Cricket Gala Day
20 Nov – Super 8s Cricket Gala Day

TERM 1    28 January – 09 April (11 weeks)
TERM 2    27 April – 03 July (10 weeks)
TERM 3    27 July – 25 September (9 weeks)
TERM 4    12 October – 03 December (8 weeks)

TERM 1    27 January – 01 April (10 weeks)
TERM 2    19 April – 25 June (10 weeks)
TERM 3    19 July – 17 September (9 weeks)
TERM 4    05 October – 02 December (9 weeks)

From our Assistant Principal/Head of Secondary, Mr Steve Tidey

Following a very positive camp program in the final week of last term, and much appreciated holidays, students have engaged in their work for the new term with real vigour and a sense of enlivened engagement. Year 11 and 12 have received their Mid-Course reports and have hopefully had an opportunity to reflect on the feedback received.

Remember, the marks and grades are only a minor aspect of a very valuable learning experience that often entails the ebbs and flows of success. Rather than losing heart, or resting on their laurels, they are encouraged to allocate time with their mentors and other teachers in order to keep achieving their personal best.

I will be interviewing each of the Year 12 students in the coming week before their Parent-Teacher Night to help them consider their coursework so far and what they have planned to further improve their results.

As we partner together I am particularly conscious of the transformative influence and eternal impact that we have on those in our care here at the College. It is a great privilege and awesome responsibility to work together to see our students feel they belong here, come to belief in Jesus here, and go on to become all they were meant to be in Christ.

Prayer and Praise Points

Praise Points:

  • Our students were settled and focused for the NAPLAN Tests. 
  • Our Sports Carnivals went well, we loved seeing the strong team spirit, enjoyed the beautiful weather and celebrated great results. 

Please Pray for: 

  • Families and members in our community who are experiencing significant health issues, for those who are grieving, and for those who are on the long road to recovery. That they will know God’s tender love and generous provision. 
  • Our Primary School Musical, Seussical Jnr, for the many staff and students involved in the lead up. For blessing over the decisions being made and for the plans to come together in a wonderful, exciting way.
  • Please continue to pray for our recently re-elected Government, that those who follow Christ will do so with great integrity and that our country will be led in a God-honoring way.
Music Tutors

Music Tutors

Available at the College during school hours.

Meldi Arkinstall 0413 548 985

Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba
Ian Percy 0419 235 890

Denise Farthing 0411 286 303

Saxophone, Clarinet, Guitar & Bass
DJ Cotton 0434 240 565

David Banney 0448 522 335

Maddie Watts 0422 415 926