Praise Points:

  • Every week day we have hundreds of students walk through our gates to be a part of the BCC community. It is an incredible privilege to be given the opportunity to speak into their lives and to help them flourish as they explore their God-given gifts and abilities
  • The grounds of our College are looking beautiful and reflect not only the dedication and care that it takes to maintain them, but also the wonder of a Creator God who expresses Himself so magnificently through His creation.

Please Pray for: 

  • Please lift up before God’s throne of grace members of our community who are experiencing challenging health issues
  • Oska Johnson that he will continue to know God’s protection and healing power
  • Members of our community who are grieving, that they might know God’s comfort and peace
  • Continued prayer for work involved in the upcoming Primary Musical would be appreciated
  • Sharon and the Board as they seek to discern God’s plan for the College
  • Students, and their families, over the holiday break.