Primary School & Student Representative Council (SRC) Leaders

We are thrilled to introduce our 2019 Primary School Leaders, Olivia Goodman, James Chesterfield, Thomas Langejans and Phoebe Duffy-Smith. They are all keen to carry out their leadership responsibilities in the Primary School with new and exciting roles planned as they embark on new adventures for 2019.

Welcome Primary Leaders! We will meet our Secondary leaders in the next newsletter. 

At our Week 6 assembly we took the opportunity to thank, pray for and pin badges on our new Term One Primary SRC team:
S1A – Luke Dalgety; Ruby Rorke
S1AM – Brooke Jones; Josiah Bell
S1K – Isaac Sanchez; Leilani Hindson
S2A – Lara Jones; Appin Paterson
S2EJ – Savannah Scharfe; Eli Sanchez
S2L – Silas Brown; Jocelyn Cossgrove
S3C – Olivia Blowes (Chairperson); Kai O’Sullivan
S3D – Piper Rorke (Communications Officer); Victoria Robinson
S3K – Ali Booth (Secretary); Riley Fallis
S3T – Brydie O’Connor (Publicity Officer); Amber Millett

Please pray for our Primary School Leaders and our new SRC team as they take up the challenge of making our College an even better place to be.