From our Head of Student Services and Wellbeing, Mrs Bronwyn Rappeneker

We have been blessed. Over the last two weeks we have been led during our Friday morning staff devotions by Senior Secondary students. Two of our young men stepped up to do what many of us find daunting at the best of times. Not only were they prepared to be at school before 8:00am on a Friday morning, they were also prepared to reflect on some questions we had posed and share with us their insights. We had asked them…

“What is one of the funniest/scariest/most unusual/confounding memories you have from your time at BCC?”

“What aspect of your Christian education at BCC has had the biggest impact on your faith?”

“In your opinion, what is one thing the College could do (new, continued or improved) to best prepare today’s students to live a life of faith once they finish school?”

“What word of encouragement would you give teachers who are walking into their classrooms on day one of next year?”

Tim Taylor and Lewis Brown spoke to us from their experience here at BCC. Both young men spoke with quiet confidence, clarity, with dry humour and wisdom that belies their years. Both young men spoke from hearts of faith in Christ that have been developed through their relationships with their families, through their church lives and through belonging to the BCC community. 

Our staff were so encouraged. We were reminded that young lives are transformed through Christian Education, through relationships and ultimately through the power of the love of Jesus Christ. 

Prayer and Praise Points

Praise Points:

  • Wonderful answered prayer for our Primary School musical. Our young students were still giving 100% during the Friday night performance. They had been sustained. Some had overcome the obstacles of nerves, of weariness, of self-consciousness and they sang and danced their hearts out! I love when Eric Liddell, in Chariots of Fire, said ’When I run I feel His pleasure’. When our students were singing and dancing, altogether, cheering each other on and caught in the wonder of it all, it wasn’t hard to see God’s hand on them and on their efforts.

Please Pray for: 

  • Our precious Year 12 students as they prepare to enjoy their last week of formal schooling at BCC next week. There will be much for them to reflect on and celebrate. Please continue to pray for them as they prepare for their HSC. 
  • Families in our community who are struggling with serious medical issues. We stand together in faith to ask for provision, restored hope and strength as they lean on the One who holds them close. 
  • Our Stage Two and Three Camps as they to head away. Some young children find being away from home daunting. Please cover them in prayer as they take a risk and head away from home to be that little bit more independent.
  • Our Country’s current drought stricken areas, for an abundance of rain.

Thank you for praying for our community.

College ‘Good News’ Stories

Seussical Jnr Primary School Musical 

And what a performance it was! A testimony that clearly demonstrated the outplaying of the unique gifts God has provided our incredible children at Belmont Christian College, and how they chose to so beautifully showcase these gifts. Committed, passionate & determined to have a tonne of fun as they executed each of their significant roles. The leads were front & centre and each performed to a standard of excellence that would make anyone beam with delight. But just as wonderfully significant were the supporting roles – the singing and dancing teams as well as those who played smaller roles. Each child working together brought an infallible strength to the entire cast and will remain a credit to each child involved. The talent, the colour, the passion, the imagination & the energy brought this spectacular show to life. You might tell, we loved it!

Many thanks goes to our many parent helpers, in particular Mrs Sarah Bell who coordinated and created the costumes for each of our cast members. What a mammoth job that was and we will be forever grateful for the time and effort she put into this, and always with a beautiful big smile on her face! Huge thanks goes to Sarah! Our teachers, staff and friends all had specific and significant roles, and only made possible with their willingness, support and organisation. 

Further, the standard of excellence the Primary musical reached was only made possible because of Mr Chris Stewart’s leadership, direction & tenacity from start to finish in ensuring the show’s execution reached the standard it reached. And for Mrs Annelise Stewart, her clear vision, relentless precision, professionalism & expertise would make anyone’s eyes water!  Undeniable, God given raw talent. We are abundantly blessed to have such an incredible individual leading us in the area of Dance and Drama at our College. 

Life long memories of an amazing experience had by all!

Primary Excursion

Fire Safety

Primary students had the opportunity to learn about and engage in some hands-on activities on fire safety from the crew at the Belmont Station. They learnt about the importance of making wise choices in an emergency and what they should do in the case of a fire. Students got to climb aboard the fire truck and shoot water from the fire hose. Lots learnt, along with a tonne of fun!

Secondary School

HSC Science Extension Research Project

Students from the Year 12 Science Extension class have now submitted their Major Research Projects to National Education Standards Authority (NESA). Students were required to select a research topic at the beginning of the year, assisted by industry and university mentors as they conducted their investigation. The information gathered, along with a descriptive statistical analysis, was then fashioned into 3500 word report, to the standard of a scientific journal article. Our four students investigated the following research questions: “Does Social Media Influence Metal Health Illness?”, “Mental Health in Women Experiencing Preterm Birth – What is the impact of preterm birth on maternal well-being?”, “Causes of Colour Vision Deficiency” and “The Effects of alcohol on Cognitive Function”. Although a difficult endeavour, the currency and standard of the student work was excellent.  The reports will be published on the NESA website for perpetuity, recognising students’ achivement and helping seed future students’ own research ideas. We are excited to be offering this excellent subject again in 2020, helping our gifted students to begin to interact with the scientific community, and to extend themselves while engaging with current research. 

An excerpt from one of a student, Bailey Storey’s, report in reference to social impacts of Instagram collected from a survey in 2018 “Does Social Media Influence Metal Health Illness?”

“Instagram: From the graph we can see that Instagram had a smaller Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) rate compared to Snapchat, however body image proved to be rather high in the negatives at -.75. Instagram appears to be playing a negative role in people’s ability to sleep after using Instagram as it was rated the lowest aspect, being at approximately -1. Self expression appears to be the highest positive score being at almost 1, however most aspects of mental health including Anxiety, Depression, Sleep, Body Image and FOMO all appeared in the negatives. Overall, Instagram proved to be having a negative affect on aspects of mental health to participants.  (Royal Society of Public Health, 2019)”