Thursday 22nd August is a date the BCC community won’t forget anytime soon. As thirty to forty-metre-high flames surrounded the College and nearby homes, the magnitude of the fire alone spoke of God’s glory. The fire stopping exactly at our boundary fence also spoke of God’s glory. The College experienced firsthand the power of nature and in particular, the physical nature of fire.

The Bible has many references to the supernatural uses of fire. In the book of Exodus, fire is used to indicate God’s power and to guide God’s people. In Leviticus, fire expresses God’s approval and in 2 Kings, it vindicates God’s wrath and transports a servant of God to heaven. In 2 Thessalonians, fire will finally be used to proclaim Christ’s return. In general, fire is often used as a symbol of God’s holiness and radiant glory. This often equates the idea of God’s presence with God’s holiness. God’s presence was certainly evident that day and whilst it can sometimes take an extraordinary event to remind us of His presence, I encourage you to seek and find His presence in the everyday.

I praise God for His obvious protection of this place; I praise God for our prayer Mums who at the start of the year, felt called to leave the Board room and to walk the perimeter of our grounds as they pray; I praise God for our emergency services who willingly fought to protect us; I praise God for the Salvation Army who supported the emergency services; I praise God for Mr Truscott who managed the situation superbly in my absence; I praise God for the many hands that helped protect and did what needed to be done; I praise God for community, our community!

The College is in good hands, it is in safe hands, it is in God’s hands.

To Him be the glory!