From our Stage 4 Leader, Mrs Janine Ferreira

Friday, 13 Sep 2019

Time to Pray

From our Stage 4 Leader, Mrs Janine Ferreira, d466b893 51f2 4b18 b27f 3edd8a799f45

I have always been an ‘early riser’, as I believe I get more out of my day, even if it is just to spend a few quiet minutes in prayer.  Some mornings my thoughts and prayers are crystal clear and I feel so close to God, however, other mornings I am distracted and only offer a quick prayer. It has always bothered me that I don’t seem to be consistent in my prayer life, but one thing I have come to learn, is that when we pray, God either opens the doors of opportunity, sends divine help, casts mountains into the sea, or simply, just fills our hearts with delight and a sense of closeness to Him. A life of prayer is a life of purpose and direction. Miracles and victories are the fruit of a zealous prayer life.

Many great men and women of the Bible lacked much of what is required today for success. Most of them gained very little by way of education. However, they all called upon the Lord by praying! They often asked God for the impossible. God answered with the incredible.

 “Much time spent with God is the secret of all successful praying.  Prayer which is felt as a mighty force is the immediate product of much time spent with God.  Our short prayers owe their point and efficiency to the long ones that have preceded them” E.M. Bounds (American pastor).

No time will be better spent today than the time you spend in prayer.