We have been blessed. Over the last two weeks we have been led during our Friday morning staff devotions by Senior Secondary students. Two of our young men stepped up to do what many of us find daunting at the best of times. Not only were they prepared to be at school before 8:00am on a Friday morning, they were also prepared to reflect on some questions we had posed and share with us their insights. We had asked them…

“What is one of the funniest/scariest/most unusual/confounding memories you have from your time at BCC?”

“What aspect of your Christian education at BCC has had the biggest impact on your faith?”

“In your opinion, what is one thing the College could do (new, continued or improved) to best prepare today’s students to live a life of faith once they finish school?”

“What word of encouragement would you give teachers who are walking into their classrooms on day one of next year?”

Tim Taylor and Lewis Brown spoke to us from their experience here at BCC. Both young men spoke with quiet confidence, clarity, with dry humour and wisdom that belies their years. Both young men spoke from hearts of faith in Christ that have been developed through their relationships with their families, through their church lives and through belonging to the BCC community. 

Our staff were so encouraged. We were reminded that young lives are transformed through Christian Education, through relationships and ultimately through the power of the love of Jesus Christ.