2019-20 Prefect Team Induction

It is our pleasure to announce the new Prefect team for 2019-20. They are:

Year 10 – Mia Brown, Joshua Hale, Peter Hyslop, Samuel Wilson

Year 11 – Joshua Bruton, Lucinda Cameron, Kye Horton, Lauren Irvine, Gabi Oliver, Will O’Toole, Katie Prior and Regan Swaine

The incoming prefect team was inducted last Thursday where they took their pledge in front of their families and College community, to serve the Lord faithfully and formally accept the role of Prefect. Each Prefect is a Christian who acknowledges the Lordship of Christ in their life and demonstrates their faith through their lifestyle.  They undertake, amongst other things, to set a good example and to use their gifts to minister to the student body and encourage others.

Please keep them in your prayers as they seek to follow the example of Christ in servant-hearted leadership and glorify Him, here at Belmont Christian College.