Learning to engage our head, our heart and our hands.

Recently I attended a Teaching and Learning Conference and I instantly resonated with this idea of what learning is really about…

Formational learning develops the mind, captivates the heart, and equips the hand, encouraging curious and courageous learners to explore God’s world and live out the hope of Christ. Transformation by Design: Crafting Formational Learning

As a Christian College, we don’t just want to fill students’ heads with information, we want them to have a deep understanding of the world around them and the wisdom to use their knowledge in discerning ways. More than that, we want their hearts to be shaped and moved by the knowledge they gain. As they learn more about the world and the way it works, as they begin to understand the problems we have in the world and with each other, we want them to be moved with compassion or anger as Jesus was at times. But then the greatest indication that their head and hearts have been engaged in the learning process will be if it moves to their hands, if it actually creates some action or response. If our students leave us with heads full of knowledge, hearts that are moved by God’s creation and toward His people and if they act in ways that help to bring more of heaven to earth then we can say confidently that formational learning has truly taken place and that God has been glorified in that process.