Thank you for supporting our precious community through prayer.

Please Pray for: 

Year 12 as they wait for their HSC Results and as they seek God’s leading for the next step in their lives.

Students across our College preparing to transition to new Stages and Classes next year.

Year 10 during their ‘Readiness’ Week and into their early break, that they may rest in God’s unfolding plans for their next phase of life.

Our end of year Presentation Night and end of term activities.

New students and their families as they prepare to come to our College in 2020.

Our Year 12 students as they prepare to go to Thailand and for Year 10 students as they prepare to go to Vanuatu. Protection, blessing and provision for each student and staff member.

Special request: One of our precious BCC families have asked for prayer for their little one who is currently in Prep, Michaela Gobrial. Michaela was diagnosed with Fibular Hemimelia as soon as she was born as she had only three toes. This alerted Dr’s to discover the condition. FH is a condition that affects the growth of the leg – there is no known cause, it’s a congenital disease. Michaela is about to have her first leg lengthening procedure on the 21st of November at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and afterwards will have to wear an external fixator for 6 months. Michaela’s parents have requested prayer and specifically on 21st November when she undergoes the first procedure. 

Thank you for praying for our community.