From our Principal, Ms Sharon Sopher

From our Principal, Ms Sharon Sopher, f1443102 1d63 428e a08c b2c25e82cd21 1

As the year draws to a close, I reflect upon Presentation Night as it was a superb event that celebrated our 2019 school year and gave opportunity to collectively thank God for His abundant provision and everlasting love.

I have watched with great joy as our Community Playgroup has grown from strength to strength. I praise God for our praying mums who bookend our College in prayer on a Monday and a Friday. My heart warms at the thought of the practical and spiritual change that comes about for those in other parts of the world through days like Coins for Compassion and our annual Golf Charity Day.

These stories of achievement are simply a bi-product of the fact that God, our Heavenly Father, is at work within this College. There is so much on the horizon for this community and I am convinced that this story of Belmont Christian College, will continue to grow and evolve in the years ahead. As your Principal, I am deeply honoured to lead you in this task.

Whilst there is so much with which to be grateful, we must also farewell valuable staff members. I wish to thank Samantha Johnson, Reyana Proudlock, Hannah Slight, Amanda Dart, Okke Klaassen, Annelise Stewart, Sharon Calder, Melita Brown, Nicole Blanch, and Merrilyn Livingstone for their faithfulness to Kingdom Education. May God bless and establish His paths for each one.

For as long as I’ve been at the College, I have found myself saying over and over that we have a story worth telling. When I think of that phrase, I am even more convinced today of its truth and accuracy. We do have a story to tell and it is a story that is unique, distinct and powerful. It is a story that changes people’s lives. It is a story that we are excited to offer to others at every given opportunity. However, this is also a story, that we must guard and honour, for it is a story forged in prayer and utter dependence on our Lord and Saviour.  Friend’s this story is worth telling, because it is God’s story. Our College exists primarily for His glory and I am so honoured to lead you in this as we sit under our College vision to nurture and train young people to grow up into Christ. 

The true joy of Christmas is the love of Christ, shared with family and friends. May you find His peace, love and joy in the coming New Year.

Prayer and Praise Points

Thank you our heavenly Father for: 

Your Goodness to us in protecting us from the fire. Our school stands as a testimony to Your Grace. 

Bringing hundreds of children, every day, through our gates, for us to teach and nurture and love. 

For our families who have depended on you through the toughest of times…thank you that you are their strength and their hope. 

For our staff and students having returned safely from Vanuatu and Thailand. Please pray that the opportunity in ministry that they have had will continue to bear fruit in their lives and in the lives of those they ministered to.

For our Stage 3 students who have been meeting for Bible Study. How wonderful! 

For all the small unseen moments when you have ensured that a child has been seen and cared for in a way that has lifted their heads and reassured their hearts that they do not go unnoticed. 

For the beauty of the school grounds and the new plants being bedded down this week. Your gift of beauty is our treasure. 

For those who have served our community faithfully and selflessly this year. 

For our praying mums who have prayed and walked and prayed and walked…faithfully covering our community for another year. 

For the upcoming holidays as they will be a time of refreshment and renewed strength for our staff, students and families. 

Thank you for praying for our community.

Year 12 Formal

Staff, students, friends and family enjoyed a wonderful night at the Year 12 Formal at Newcastle City Hall to celebrate the conclusion of their time at Belmont Christian College. The students were, as usual, quite stunning, elegant and well-groomed in their formal wear. Happy memories were recalled during speeches by Captains, Vice Captains and Ms Sopher. Mr Miller, our Stage 6 Leader, shared some humorous stories about Year 12 as well as some encouraging words. The class of 2019 have been an absolute blessing to the College and their leadership team have been outstanding. We pray that they each find their purpose in the Kingdom of God and that they do whatever they’re called to with the passion we have seen them exude during their time with us.

Mission Trips

Year 10 Vanuatu Mission Trip

We have celebrated another amazing Vanuatu trip! Staff and students were blessed by the rich and wonderful cultural experience of overseas mission, while being treated to the picturesque surroundings of a such a beautiful country and people group. Students worked well on a range of ministry activities including the construction of the first stages of a fish farm, as well as carpeting the Lifechanger library. We pray for future opportunities and congratulate our students for their exemplary work, conducting themselves in a manner that is worthy of their calling. 

Year 12 Thailand Mission Trip

During Week 7, 14 of our Year 12 students travelled to Khao Lak,Thailand with Mr and Mrs Sanchez and Mrs Livingstone for our 5th consecutive Year 12 Trip to Thailand. The goal of the trip is to offer students the opportunity for an alternative ‘schoolies’ experience that focuses on following Jesus’ example of servanthood. Students were exposed to a valuable missionary work of the New Light Community Development Centre which was set up after the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami for the local Burmease children in Baan Nem Kem,1.5 hours north of Phuket Airport.

This year our ministry work at CDC included the painting of a staff house that was newly constructed with funds raised from our BCC Golf Fundraiser day. We ran a range of activities with the children including: Batik T-shirt painting, biscuit making and a small wood-work project and some novelty games with the Thailand children at a special Saturday outreach centre.

Our students were blown away with the beauty of the Surin Islands, we visited some elephants and loads of market shopping after dinner each night. The students always come away from the trip with a broader perspective on God’s creation. Exposure to the valuable mission work of sharing the gospel and an appreciation of the joy we receive when serving others. 

Presentation Night

Tuesday night’s Presentation Night was a beautiful celebration of the many different aspects of the College, with Christ at the centre. Thank you for your part in helping to celebrate our children’s learning and achievement. We hope you enjoyed the night.