Thank you our heavenly Father for: 

Your Goodness to us in protecting us from the fire. Our school stands as a testimony to Your Grace. 

Bringing hundreds of children, every day, through our gates, for us to teach and nurture and love. 

For our families who have depended on you through the toughest of times…thank you that you are their strength and their hope. 

For our staff and students having returned safely from Vanuatu and Thailand. Please pray that the opportunity in ministry that they have had will continue to bear fruit in their lives and in the lives of those they ministered to.

For our Stage 3 students who have been meeting for Bible Study. How wonderful! 

For all the small unseen moments when you have ensured that a child has been seen and cared for in a way that has lifted their heads and reassured their hearts that they do not go unnoticed. 

For the beauty of the school grounds and the new plants being bedded down this week. Your gift of beauty is our treasure. 

For those who have served our community faithfully and selflessly this year. 

For our praying mums who have prayed and walked and prayed and walked…faithfully covering our community for another year. 

For the upcoming holidays as they will be a time of refreshment and renewed strength for our staff, students and families. 

Thank you for praying for our community.