Getting to and from School

Tuesday, 2 Feb 2021

Pick up/Drop off Zones

Thank you for your ongoing patience during drop-off and pick-up time. Please take note of our current drop-off and pick-up arrangements.  

~ We have two Pick up and Drop off zones:
1. Primary School students (and their Secondary siblings) – located out the from of the Admin building
2. Secondary School students – located near the BCC buses in the Oval side carpark
(a sign reminding drivers will be on display from next week)

In the pick up/drop off line, if necessary, parents may assist their child getting in/out of the car by getting out of the car themselves and helping with seat belts etc. This should be a quick and efficient process, to avoid traffic congestion. Please heed the direction given by the staff member on duty at the Primary School Pick up/Drop off zone if they ask you to move forward in the line.

The family surname signs we have provided to Primary School parents for display on the car sun-visor or windscreen has helped the process flow reasonably well, with all things considered. Cars without this display make it difficult to identify during pick up, which does slow the process considerably. We kindly ask that parents remember to display the signs every afternoon at pick up. These signs will be provided to Kindergarten parents shortly. If you have lost or require a sign to be made for you, please contact Deb Paardekooper on

~ Parents and Caregivers are welcome to park their cars in allocated car parks, and collect their children, whilst maintaining social distancing measures

~ Parents and Caregivers may physically collect their children from the path outside the black gate

~ The black gate to the right of the Admin building will be locked from 8:40am. Any student arriving after 8:40am must enter via the canteen side entry and sign-in at the student office before going to class.

Road Rules in School Zones

Dear Parents & Caregivers

We have had advice that the Lake Macquarie City Council Rangers will again be out and about patrolling School Zones.

See the attached brochure which outlines School Zone offences. We ask that you understand your responsibility when dropping off or picking up your children from school.

Thank you for helping us keep our students safe.

Bill Truscott
Business Manager