From our Principal, Ms Sharon Sopher

From our Principal, Ms Sharon Sopher

Thank you for the smiles and laughs and songs and prayers all shared in 2019. I’m grateful for the promise of God’s presence as we travel through 2020 with much anticipation and excitement for what God will do through us as a team here at the College.

Belmont Christian College continues to be an exciting place to be! As I wander around the grounds there is a lovely sense of enthusiasm as the students are happy to be back. We again have welcomed a record number of new students and families and also a few new staff to our community. I pray that this marks the beginning of an exciting partnership filled with joy and blessing.

As I visited my family on the farm and daily collected grey water, I was reminded of those affected by the bushfires and this incredibly difficult time. Devastation has impacted so many and we must continue to support these communities and pray that God would send steady, soaking rain. May the rain fall where it is needed.

During this bushfire season, we have seen and heard stories of amazing courage, compassion and personal sacrifice. These stories in turn can inspire others to step up and make a difference in times of hardship. I pray that together this year, we can work in partnership to assist our children to use the abilities and means that God has given them, for His glory, to positively impact our community.

The staff have engaged in a week of professional learning and collaborative team meetings to ensure that our students can engage in meaningful learning from day one. Staff also appreciated the opportunity for times of prayer, praise and learning from God’s word; being blessed by some excellent biblical teaching from Pastor and Chaplain Mitch Forbes and our Director of Mission and Community, Dave Gray.

The staff have embarked on a biblical literacy project where we are reminded to feed on God’s wisdom. Proverbs 24: 13-14 says, “Wisdom is like honey for you: if you find it, there is a future hope.” As I encouraged the staff, I also encourage you to enjoy feasting on God’s wisdom in the Bible as it is wisdom that helps us to understand the world around us. It’s a sweet treat, that we can enjoy. Let’s thank God for the sweetness of His scriptures and I pray that He will nourish us with His wisdom throughout 2020.

We have the privilege of welcoming the following new staff into our community:
Mrs Tralee McNamara – Director of Prep (BCC Beginners)
Miss Sophie Gialouris – BCC Beginners Aide
Mrs Anna Gray – Community Playgroup
Mr Andrew Pearson – Stage 1 Primary Teacher
Mrs Leanne Johnston – Stage 1 Primary Teacher
Mr Mark Carthew – Mathematics Teacher

We are blessed to add these staff to our team and look forward to their contribution to Kingdom Education as we commit to our vision of “training and nurturing young people to grow up into Christ.”

From our Director of Teaching and Learning, Miss Melanie Melcum

Cultivating Curiosity and Wonder

There’s something wonderful about the start of a new year. It holds so much promise and there is a sense of anticipation of what the year will bring, let alone the start of a new decade!

As always, our teachers are continuing to use the ‘Transformation by Design’ model to help us think deeply through how to deliver our curriculum in line with our College Vision and Mission. We look to weave biblical ‘threads’ through our teaching programs so that our students can see God’s handiwork in the topics they are learning.

This year we also have an overarching ‘thread’ for our teaching and learning: Cultivating Curiosity and Wonder

God has given us imaginations. Ephesians tells us that God can do even more than we can ask or imagine! Isn’t that amazing to think about!  The ability to be curious and to wonder about things is a gift that God has given us and we want to intentionally ‘cultivate’ that in our teaching and learning more this year.

We want our students to wonder about why the world is the way it is and to be curious about what they might be able to do to help where it’s needed, to change what’s not working, to be signposts to the kingdom of heaven. We want them to sit in their Science lessons and be amazed by the makeup of a cell and wonder about the intricacies of it, or learn complex mathematical problems and wonder about how they could apply those skills to help them solve real world problems. Ultimately, we want that wonder and curiosity to draw them closer toward their creator God. 

I love the way David ponders in Psalm 8- 3 “When I consider your heavens,the work of your fingers the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, 4 what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?” [c]

I love how David looks at the world around him in awe and wonder at God and who He is, and it then causes him to look at humanity and be amazed that God would imbue us with such power and position. This process of looking on at the world in amazement and being curious as to why things are the way they are, cause him to begin and end the Psalm with praise – “Lord our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!

May our learning be filled with curiosity and wonder and may it lead us to understand more deeply the goodness and majesty of our God.

Prayer and Praise Points

Praise Points
~ We praise God for the new families who are finding their place in our College Community. Please pray that they will experience the ministry of God’s love in their lives.
~ The beauty of our College grounds – a blessing to all of us – every day!

Prayer Points
~ Please pray for families in our community who continue to go through challenging times. Please pray for students who are overcoming challenges every day – that they might be encouraged and supported and celebrated. 
~ For our 2019 HSC students as they step into a new chapter in their lives. Please pray for the provision of work for those seeking employment and for provision and encouragement for those moving into further education.
~ Please pray for our connection points with our students and with families – Playgroup, Primary and Secondary Chapel times, Devotions and Discipleship opportunities in Primary School and our Connect Program with our Secondary students. 

Thank you for praying for our community. 

Praying Parents

Parents are invited to join our prayer group on Mondays at 8:15am and Fridays at 2:15pm at the flagpole near the front gate. If it rains, we will meet in the library. For more information please contact Ang Proctor or phone 0409 288 000. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Prayer and Praise Points

Praying together as a Community

This little Jacaranda tree, that stands at the corner of the entrance path to BCC, exemplifies life here at the College. Despite all the odds against it throughout our intensely hot summer, we see a little tree flourishing. What does it take for a little tree to flourish despite soaring temperatures, hot dry winds and water restrictions? It takes being hand watered at its roots – via ag-piping put in when it was first planted. It takes being wrapped in shade cloth to help protect it from the scorching sun and drying winds.

As I stood on duty this morning I marvelled at God’s kindness and faithfulness in ensuring that this little tree has not only ‘made it’ but is now confidently holding up its new, delicate green leaves to the sunshine. 

As our students walked into school it was evident that our prayer for our children this year needs to be that they flourish. 

Yes, there will be tough times ahead, circumstances that are demanding and, sadly, sometimes devastating. But as a school that helps our children plant themselves deeply in God’s Word, and wraps them in loving relationships and challenges them in their thinking and skill development…we too will see our ‘little trees’ (and not so little trees) begin to flourish and stand in wonder and adoration at what God is faithfully doing in their lives. 

If you would join us this year to pray for our students, and our teachers, we would be most grateful. We have a Praying Parents Group that you are welcome to participate in click here for further information. Or perhaps at your dinner table each night, your family could commit to lifting other families before God’s throne of grace, and together we can observe young lives being nurtured and strengthened and beginning to flourish.

Mrs Bronwyn Rappeneker
Head of Student Services and Wellbeing

2019 HSC Results

2019 HSC Results

Our year 12 classes continue to amaze and inspire us. Each year there are many students who work tirelessly to achieve their goals, there are those who strive to overcome difficult circumstances to achieve their best and many who achieve what they require and go on to flourish in their chosen careers.

The class of 2019 were no different. We had 40 students who sat the HSC. There were students who were the first in their family to receive a HSC, others who overcame significant personal issues to achieve great success in their chosen subject areas and a number who, despite their significant learning needs, went on to shine in their areas of passion. As teachers, we could not be more proud of them.

At BCC it is our desire to ensure that we are faithful in doing all we can to enable students to do their best, and to see them achieve their God-given potential. It is always encouraging to hear the stories of where our students end up and to see them pursuing their dreams, using their God-given gifts to impact the world around them.

When looking at the HSC results, we recognise that they reflect the high standards and hard work of not only the students, but their teachers across the College and the parents and carergivers who have supported them in their educational journey. In 2019, 19 of our 40 HSC students have been with us since Kindergarten. What a privilege to be such a significant part of these students’ lives!

Areas to celebrate

~ There were 64 Band 5 and 16 Band 6 results
~ In approximately 39% of exams sat, our students achieved marks of 80+
~ 27 of the 40 ATAR eligible students received at least one Band 5 or 6 result (67.5% of the cohort)
~ 66% of the HSC subjects we offer scored results that were above the state average
~ 4 subjects exceeded the state average by more than 5%

Food Technology88.9073.8415.06
History Extension45.8038.926.88

~ BCC ranked 8th in the Hunter (approximately 50 schools) and 208th in NSW (over 580 schools)
~ Every student in the Music class achieved a Band 6 result
~ Congratulations to the following students who received an ATAR of 90+
• Jacob Hale
• Jasmine Brown
• Isaac Watts

Several other students achieved outstanding ATARs in the 80’s and we’ve heard reports from many students who achieved their goal ATAR, enabling them entry into their chosen tertiary courses.
(NB: UAC information about University offers will be available end of February or early March)