I remember once being asked what was the best thing about our school. It was so easy to answer that question, ‘Our students, of course!’ A school isn’t a school without children. From the littlest BCC Beginner to our oldest Year 12 student, every student brings something unique and precious to our community. 

Walking in to Student Services for the first time, after our time of isolation, and stepping into our foyer, I couldn’t help but smile as I was greeted by the noisy conversations of Year Nine Students as they busily caught up with each other’s news, I heard the squeals of Kinder children as they headed our way to ask if Lego Club was on that day, the phone was ringing in my office and staff popped their heads around the corner, smiling broadly, as we could all feel the wonderful sense of being back where we belong, doing what we love best – supporting, equipping and celebrating children. 

I am mindful though, as we transition back to school, that it will be exciting for some, and not so easy for others. Any time of transition presents challenges. As a Student Services Team we have recorded a video ‘letter’ for you – our video message answers some questions parents have asked about ways to support their children. We hope you find it helpful now, and into the future, as we re-engage with learning in a face-to-face setting. 

Remember, despite all the challenges, our students are resilient and they will have developed amazing new skills during this time of change. Be reassured, it won’t take long for them to enjoy that lovely sense of belonging and the security of their daily routines again as they reconnect with their BCC family. How wonderful to think we will all be together again next week! 

Student Services are here to help

Our Student Services Team have recorded a video ‘letter’ for our parents – a video message that answers some questions parents have asked about ways to support their children during this time. We hope you find it helpful, not only now, but into the future as we re-engage with learning in a face-to-face setting.

If you are concerned about your child’s progress please contact our Student Services team:
Kindergarten and Stage One Support – Mrs Karen Lumley – karen.lumley@bcc.nsw.edu.au
Stage Two Support – Mrs Bethany Clothier – bethany.clothier@bcc.nsw.edu.au
Stage Three and Stage Four Support – Miss Sarah Newton – sarah.newton@bcc.nsw.edu.au
Stage Five Support – Mrs Kaylene Taylor – kaylene.taylor@bcc.nsw.edu.au
Stage Six Support – Mrs Bronwyn Rappeneker – bronwyn.rappeneker@bcc.nsw.edu.au

If your child has a wellbeing concern their Classroom Teacher or Connect Teacher should be the first contact for assistance. Stage Leaders and the College Counsellor are also available. Mrs Liz Roberts, our Counsellor, can be contacted on 4922 8354 or liz.roberts@bcc.nsw.edu.au.