COVID-19 Response

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COVID-19 Update

Monday, 23 Mar 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Please be aware of New South Wales Government Announcements

In line with the directions from National Cabinet, NSW Premier Gladys Berejikilian has said at a press conference this morning that NSW schools will remain open until the end of term.

“The health advice has not changed,” Ms Berejiklian said. “However, for practical reasons in NSW we will be encouraging parents to keep their children at home.”

She also went on to say that “no child will be turned away from school”.

“I want to stress that for parents that are workers who have no option, the school is safe for children to attend, schools will remain open.” We are encouraging schools to continue to act on the advice of the AHPPC and remain open for the remainder of this term, at least for children of essential services workers and those unable to make alternative arrangements.

The concept of ‘open’ means that schools will be staffed to offer supervision while students access the same learning whether they are on-campus or at-home. To be clear, schools will provide ‘remote learning’ both for students at-home and students on-campus.

I personally would like to reiterate that we as a College will remain open and children will be supervised in an online learning environment. The same unit of work that is being taught via a digital delivery system, will also be taught here at the College. I have every confidence that we can continue to provide a continuum of learning both on and offsite.

Thankyou once again for all of your prayers and support and for helping our children to be calm and resilient in these uncertain times.

God is our refuge!



Sharon Sopher

Belmont Christian College