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New Term 3 start date

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Please note a slight change in term dates brought about by a sudden shift to remote learning at the end of Term 1. As students were learning from home that week, instead of being on site at the College or away on camps, we will bring students back two days earlier at the start of Term 3. Please note that the first day of Term 3 for students is now Thursday, 23rd July. This week will be known as week 0 and will be a week A. Week 1(B) will start as expected on Monday, 27th July and the last day for Term 3 is the expected Friday, 25th September.

Week 0 (A) – Thursday, 23rd July
Week 1 (B) – Monday, 27th July
Week 2 (A) – Monday, 3rd August etc

For a detailed schedule of 2020 term dates, please go to: https://bcc.nsw.edu.au/term-dates/


Sharon Sopher

Belmont Christian College