Thank you BCC Community

I watched with anticipation, the return of the whole College community last week. While remote learning was successful, the joy and engagement of having students present has been missing. If it wasn’t evident before, it is now abundantly clear that teaching is fundamentally a relational activity. Where there are no relationships present, the quality of teaching is minimal. Some students will study hard for exams or to get into University or to secure a job, but for most, the key reason for striving is because of the relationships that matter. That will always triumph against any external reward.

When I think about our community and how the breadth of learning is so rich, I put it down to the key relationships that students have with their teachers and with others. Parents also foster that learning relationship at home and in the ways they talk about school and teachers. If you want your child to be a good learner, speak highly of your child’s teacher to your child. Encourage them to value that relationship and the impact that it has in shaping hearts and minds.

There is a lot we have learnt about remote learning and the things we can harness for improved learning experiences. But the central thing that I have learnt is that we learn in relationships together. It is how God made us and the way that He teaches us to be like Christ. The stronger the bonds between teachers and their community, the better the learning will be.

Why not take the time to thank God for our teachers and pray for the relationships that your child/ren will foster with their teacher/s.

Ms Sharon Sopher