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Tuesday, 30 Jul 2019

Sydney Symphony Orchestra Performance

On Friday 24th May, Stage 1 was treated to a performance at Town Hall by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Students sat, stared and listened in awe for the hour long concert as they witnessed the incredible musicianship of the orchestra.

Educationally, appropriate classical music is a fantastic way of exercising the musical palette of young impressionable ears and provides a starting point for hearing music that is dynamic and full of expression and imagination. Stage 1 particularly enjoyed Roar, by Maria Grenfell, whose composition depicts several acts of an exciting circus.

Rotary Morton Music Awards

Congratulions to the BCC students who won prizes in Rotary’s Annual Morton Music Awards. The following students were acknowledged for their commendable musicianship and performance and were invited to perform at the prize ceremony on Monday 27th May. Thanks to Mrs Vicki Quick and Year 11 Hospitality for catering for the event.

Rebecca Wigney (Violin)
Aleta King (Violin)
Lily Johnson (Violin)
Daniel Culjak (Saxophone)

Saxophone Ensemble
Our College music program has recently expanded to include a Saxophone Ensemble directed by our Woodwind tutor, Damien DJ Cotton. The group comprises our five very capable sax players in the Secondary Concert Band, Jorja Simolin (Alto), Archie Wilkinson (Alto), Daniel Culjak (Alto/Soprano), Alex Rogers (Tenor) and Noah Edwards (Tenor/Baritone). We are grateful to DJ for taking the ensemble pro-bono and look forward to the progress these young musicians will make in this dedicated ensemble.