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Need a fresh start?

Sometimes a school year doesn’t work out as expected. 

We understand that school can quickly become a real struggle for students and families alike. Since 1982, Belmont Christian College has provided a safe, caring and supportive Christian environment, where relationships are valued.

At Belmont Christian College, we love to engage with students in all areas of academia, sport, technology and the creative arts.

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"My teachers always help me to do my absolute best. They are always happy to help and give me their time."
Cooper, Year 9
"If it wasn't for my teachers, I would not be the person who I am today."

VIctoria, Year 6

"This is an amazing school. There are so many great opportunities and it's incredibly welcoming."

Eliza, Year 12

Our primary goal is to partner with local families in preparing students to be future fit, not just for their lifetime, but for eternity.

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Our Details

65 John Fisher Rd,
Belmont North, NSW 2280

(02) 4922 8300

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