From our Director of Teaching and Learning, Miss Melanie Melcum

Monday, 16 Nov 2020

From our Director of Teaching and Learning, Miss Melanie Melcum, Melcum Melanie 000025

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’. I feel as if this beautifully sums up 2020. 

There has been much disruption and uncertainty and yet there have been wonderful moments of breakthrough and growth. I have enjoyed watching both teachers and students find new and innovative ways to do their work. I have loved seeing people flourish in ways they never thought possible and I have been amazed by the resilience, perseverance and sense of community that has strengthened throughout this time.

While tough times are never fun and we certainly don’t go out looking for them, I am always encouraged by the way God uses those moments to refine us and grow us. He also often showers us with the sweetest of blessings that we may not have recognised had we not been at the end of ourselves. While many are looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020, there is much that has been gained, and I have a deep sense of hope in how God will use our newfound strengths, skills and gifts to further His Kingdom in the coming year.