From our Head of Student Services and Wellbeing, Mrs Bronwyn Rappeneker

Monday, 23 Sep 2019

From our Head of Student Services and Wellbeing, Mrs Bronwyn Rappeneker, a4fa7137 7757 4d73 815f 4e8fca2b88ba

If we could give the most wonderful gift in the world to our children I wonder what we would choose? 

Of late I have been thinking a lot about our students and their needs; thinking about how they need Jesus. Sometimes students give us insight into their more personal journeys, they let us know that things are not ok and that while they are pushing on regardless, that it’s not easy. It’s hard not to want to help fix things for them, to try to rescue them and help iron out the bumps. And yet while genuine care is an aspect of our God-given relationship with our students, we are not the answer – but He is.

Last weekend I spent some time in prayer asking my Heavenly Father to help me to know how to help our students know the Hope that is found in Jesus Christ – the Hope that gives us a reason to persevere, the Hope that instills in us a deep knowing that in the tough times, we are never alone, that He is with us and that He leads us forward, the hope that helps us to know that the scars we carry can be healed through His tender grace and forgiveness and that our desire to live a life of purpose and fulfillment is realised when we know Him as Lord and Saviour and Friend. 

If we could give our students the most wonderful gift in the world it would be to create opportunities for them to consider the wonder of who Jesus is and spaces for them to explore the truth of His Word, reflect on the deep kindness of His love, and the wonder of His acceptance because of all that Jesus has put in place for them. 

It is our absolute privilege and joy to minister to our students out of our hearts of love for Him. Please continue to pray that our students will come to know the eternal hope that is found in a relationship with Jesus. There is no greater gift.