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HSC Showcase 2021

Welcome to HSC Showcase, a celebration of both Creative Arts and Design at BCC. We encourage you to take a moment to enjoy the many God-given gifts, skills and talents of these amazing students.

Year 12 Industrial Technology and Design and Technology students have completed their HSC Major Projects. These projects account for 60% of their HSC result for the course. Students’ projects are backed up with extensive management folios of up to 80 pages, documenting the entire management process including – research, justifications of process used, communication of ideas, drawings and ongoing evaluation. Students are to be congratulated on their hard work and creativity in completing their projects, especially considering the challenges they have faced over their HSC journey. 

Industrial Technology

Jemma Valaire

Rocking Chair

HSC Showcase 2021

I intended to create a timber rocking chair that was appealing, comfortable and capable of everyday use. I intend to incorporate bends to produce a product that is strong and functional and interesting in its visual appeal. The natural finish of the project complements the existing timber pieces in my home. This project has provided an opportunity to expand my Industrial Technology wood-working skills and knowledge of managing a challenging project.

Lily Amos

Side Table

HSC Showcase 2021

I intended to design and construct an elegant side table with a natural live edge top. 

The project drawer front is curved and compliments the curves from the table top edge. This was challenging to achieve and resulted from experimenting with a range of timber bending techniques. The chosen method was steam bending layers backwood veneers and clamping them around a pre-made timber form and gluing the layers together.  

A combination of timber joints were used including the dovetail, rebate and domino joints.

The project showcases the beautiful Australian Blackwood timber sourced from Northern NSW and Tasmania.

Design & Technology

Kate Langejans

Dove App

HSC Showcase 2021

For my major project I have created an app that aims to improve the quality of life for patients with Alzheimer’s disease as well as their caregivers and family. This app provides various features that allow patients to record and listen to past conversations, view profiles of their family and friends that store their memories and past interactions, navigate through their daily routine with ease and much more. These functions have all been implemented with a classic and simplified design to provide easy navigation and ease of use, along with a subtle and welcoming aesthetic.

Jonathan Bateman

Tracking System

HSC Showcase 2021

For my Major Design Project I choose to develop a wearable footwear location tracker. Which aims to provide a sense of security for the families and guardians of individuals who may be suffering from a mental or physical disability. The product includes a sleek, minimalistic and innovative design which attaches to an individual’s footwear via a durable lacing system. To utilise current technologies the device includes a variety of 3D printed and laser-cut pieces, all with the aim of increasing the final products aesthetics and durability. The goal of my project is to create peace of mind for families and expand a currently largely untapped market. 

Zac Liebenberg

Universal Phone Case and Appliances

HSC Showcase 2021

I wanted to create a project that fulfils the need of holding a person’s mobile device, in ergonomically or functionally difficult situations. My major design project is a universal phone case, plus its appliances. The major feature of my project is the way in which the phone case transitions between the appliances, which is via magnetic attraction. This allows for the phone case to easily be attached, detached and reattached between the appliances as the user goes through their daily use of their phone.

Riley Cashion

Bumper Protector

HSC Showcase 2021

For my major Design project, I wanted to solve the problem of cars and bumpers being damaged by the increasing height of speed humps and scraping on driveways without impacting the aesthetics of the car. The product I have designed is easy to install, protects the underside of the bumper and is almost invisible.