Information Sessions

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Our information sessions are a fantastic way to be introduced to your child’s next stage of education, from BCC Beginners all the way to Stage 6 (Year 11-12).

You will have the opportunity to meet with teachers and executive staff, ask questions and learn about the initiatives that will help your child be Future-Fit.

2021 Information Sessions

Date Time Stage
June 8 – Tuesday (T2 W8) 7:00pm Stage 6 (Year 10 into 11)
August 24 – Tuesday (T3 W6) 6:30pm Stage 5 (Year 8 into 9)
October 6 – Wednesday (T4 W1) 5:00pm BCC Beginners
October 6 – Wednesday (T4 W1) 6:00pm Kindergarten
November 2 – Tuesday (T4 W5) 6:30pm Stage 4 (Year 6 into 7)

Register for an Information Session

Please complete the form below to register for one of our information sessions. For further information on information sessions, College Tours or enrolments, please contact our College Registrar, Ms Teena Knott.