Lauren Irvine

Precious, by Esperanza Spalding

Year 12


HSC Showcase

In this highly technical jazz piece, Lauren sings a classic by Esperanza Spalding and utilises the demanding vocal stylings to make it her own. With tricky chromatic passages and an impressive range, Lauren captures the latin jazz vibe with impressive maturity.

Sam Nowland

Rylynn, by Andy McKee


Over a decade ago, Andy Mckee became a YouTube sensation with his beautifully crafted acoustic guitar recordings featuring fresh guitar techniques including fret tapping and percussive rhythms on the guitar body. Sam showcases an outstanding display of these techniques on the exquisite and melodic tune, Rylynn.

Regan Swaine

19 Days, by Gavin Harrison


This piece is from the instructional DVD series by renowned drummer Gavin Harrison. Infusing jazz techniques over changing time signatures, this song showcases the technical skill and nuanced style Regan has perfected to achieve a dynamic and enjoyable performance.