Lily Amos

Side Table


I intended to design and construct an elegant side table with a natural live edge top. 

The project drawer front is curved and compliments the curves from the table top edge. This was challenging to achieve and resulted from experimenting with a range of timber bending techniques. The chosen method was steam bending layers backwood veneers and clamping them around a pre-made timber form and gluing the layers together.  

A combination of timber joints were used including the dovetail, rebate and domino joints.

The project showcases the beautiful Australian Blackwood timber sourced from Northern NSW and Tasmania.

Jemma Valaire

Rocking Chair


I intended to create a timber rocking chair that was appealing, comfortable and capable of everyday use. I intend to incorporate bends to produce a product that is strong and functional and interesting in its visual appeal. The natural finish of the project complements the existing timber pieces in my home. This project has provided an opportunity to expand my Industrial Technology wood-working skills and knowledge of managing a challenging project.

Regan Swaine



For my Major Project in Industrial Technology I decided to construct a cajon. A cajon is a box-shaped percussive musical instrument that basically takes some similar characteristics of a traditional drum kit and implements these various pitches into one box. Cajons are usually a standard rectangular shape of plywood though I wanted to build something that both looks beautiful and sounds great at the same time. I used Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Spotted Gum and Merbau.

Cooper Moore

Timber Lamp


For my Major Project in Industrial Technology I have made a log type lamp to suit an outside environment and to test my abilities and creativeness. I have made this lamp out of the materials of a regular untouched timber log. The inner outside of the lamp has the shape of a tree cut out using the laser cutter to give a feel for nature.

Stephen Soper

Skateboards with Marquetry


For my Industrial Technology Major Project I aimed to construct two skateboards using different methods of construction. One of the boards was made using a timber mold and the other using a foam mould and vacuuming sealing during the gluing process. I used Canadian Rock Maple for both boards and each has a different marquetry design on the bottom deck.

Sam Nowland

Electric Guitar


For my Major Project in Industrial Technology I intended to make an electric guitar. I wanted to utilise different timbers that provided a range of colour for the guitar, and make it visually appealing. The choice of timbers was a bit limited due to the availability at the time I was purchasing wood, but I’m very happy with the timbers I managed to get my hands on. It has a Mahogany body, with a Canadian Rock Maple neck and an Indian Rosewood fretboard.