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BCC is a great place to give your child a wonderful start to their school journey. Preschool and Prep children are involved in College life and we encourage this through combined activities. Prep takes place within the school environment thus introducing children to staff and school routines. Our Preschool and Prep programs (for three-year-olds and four-year-olds respectively) are wonderful, proven and solid foundational components of your child’s schooling. We believe that every child is a blessing from God. He has a purpose for each individual’s life and loves each one as a unique and special person. Our aim in Prep is for every child to feel safe, secure, valued and loved.

Preparing your child for school with love and care

In Prep we offer an investigative, play-based curriculum that prepares your child for Kindergarten. This carefully planned environment is both stimulating and exciting. The children are immersed in a literacy and numeracy rich setting which offers experiences in the development of social, emotional, cognitive, physical, pre-writing, pre-reading and pre-number skills.  Our aim is to support each individual child to reach their full potential. We do this through providing fun, stimulating, nurturing and engaging learning environments. We talk to the children in formal and informal ways about God and how much He loves them.  We encourage children to display the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Fully qualified, fully equipped

Our teachers are fully qualified and are approved Early Childhood Educators. Preschool and Prep takes place in purpose-built rooms that are safe and well-resourced, with age-appropriate facilities and materials. Children are encouraged to develop a positive attitude towards school, an inquiring mind and a love of learning. Throughout the day, they are encouraged to respond to what they learn and the world around them from a Christian worldview.

Belmont Christian College Community Playgroup

Belmont Christian College Community Playgroup is a safe and nurturing place for our youngest community and family members to enjoy.  Each Thursday, the Preschool room is transformed into a space for children to play and socialise in a fun, safe environment. Children from birth to under school age are welcome to attend with their parents/caregivers. The children will enjoy indoor and outdoor play as well as a fun group time with stories and songs lead by a Prep Educator.  The adults can connect and support one another while their children are playing.  Our Playgroup is supported by a qualified Early Childhood Educator and the venue is a purpose built facility.  We operate each Thursday 10am-12pm during school terms, and everyone is welcome.

From our parents

We sent our son to Prep and he loved it! We have watched him grow in confidence and school readiness. We can clearly see that this year is the foundation for his Kindergarten experience. We are so excited about our son’s school future now that he has had his time in Prep!

Big school is no longer the unknown. What a fabulous introduction to Belmont Christian College!

Sending our son to Prep was a great decision. It is such a warm and comfortable setting, yet right on the College grounds! He has grown in confidence at Prep, and is so excited about big school.

Prep is a gentle and nurturing environment that carefully encourages the growth necessary for Kindergarten.

Enrol your child in Preschool / Prep at Belmont Christian College

Enrolments for our Preschool are invited for children who will turn three years of age by 30th April, although children who turn 3 after this date will be considered for enrolment based upon availability. For enrolment into Prep, children should be four years of age by the 30th April, however, acceptance of applications for enrolment will be dependent upon the discretion of the Principal. Both programs are intended as one-year programs only. In Preschool, children may enrol for one, two or three days per week. Preschool at Belmont Christian College is an easy, relaxed, confidence building and educative means of transitioning into Prep. For Prep, children may enrol for two, three or five days per week. Prep makes for an easy and gentle transition into Kindergarten.

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