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Monday, 15 Feb 2021

NSW School Vaccination Program

Each year NSW Health works in partnership with schools to offer the vaccines recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) for adolescents as part of the school vaccination program. NSW Health are scheduled to vaccinate students in Years 7 & 10 during Period 1 on Friday, 5th March.

In 2021 the following vaccines will be offered:

YearVaccineNumber of Doses
Year 7Human Papillomavirus (HPV9) Vaccine2-doses at least 6
months apart
Year 7Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccineSingle dose
Year 10Meningococcal ACWY vaccineSingle dose

Parent Information Kits that include an Information Sheet, Consent Form and Privacy Statement will be sent home to parents/caregivers this week. If your child is absent please have them collect the Consent Form from Mrs Evans at the College Office.

To consent to the vaccination of your child, parents/caregivers are advised to:
~ read all the information provided
~ complete the Consent Form, including signing their name next to the vaccine/s they would like your child to receive
~ return the completed Consent Form to the College Office
~ ensure that your child eats breakfast on the day of the school vaccination clinic.

To improve vaccination completion, students who return a signed Vaccination Consent Form while in Year 7 and who miss vaccine doses at any clinic, will be opportunistically offered these vaccines at each clinic visit throughout 2021 (Year 7) & 2022 (Year 8). Students who have a dose of HPV at their GP can complete the course in the school program if a signed consent form has been returned to school.

A Record of Vaccination will be provided to each student vaccinated at each clinic as a physical card. Parents/caregivers should ensure that this record is kept for future reference and should not assume that their child has been vaccinated if they do not receive this Record of Vaccination.

For further information please contact our Secondary School Administrator, Kathy Evans on 4922 8300 Ext 505 or

Secondary Sports Uniform Days

As we begin the new year we want to ensure that our students are well presented and are setting high standards in the wearing of their uniform.

While most students have returned and are doing just that, some need reminding of our expectations.

We are focusing on:
1. Boys’ shirts – our Uniform Policy and Secondary Parent Information Book states that Summer and Winter uniform shirts are to be “tucked in”.

2. Girls’ skirt length – our Uniform Policy and Secondary Parent Information Book states that “Skirts are to be top of the knee-length”. If your daughter’s skirt does not meet this requirement, please ensure that this is addressed throughout this week.

3. Sport Uniform on approved days – please see the table below for the days your child is permitted to wear their Sport Uniform if they attend the subjects listed.

All other subjects (such as Drama and Photography) should change into Sport Uniform for the lesson and then change back into normal uniform as required unless otherwise specified in subject specific excursion variation information from time to time.

Please refer to our Secondary Parent Information Booklet and our website for further uniform information.

Thank you for partnering with us in our desire for our students to wear their correct uniform well.

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