Showcase Success

Tuesday, 22 Oct 2019

HSC Showcase

Year 12 displayed their talents and hard work in exhibition and on stage as part of this year’s HSC SHOWCASE. The night was well attended by family and friends to view the Major Projects and Management Folios presented by Visual Arts, Design and Technology, Industrial Technology, Software Design and Development, English Extension 2, Drama and Music.

The works are a culmination of a whole year of planning and execution of their ideas. The Management Folios included their planning, drawings, research, time management, budgeting, evaluations and documentation of the construction process.

Students works have been externally marked by NESA which will count towards their HSC mark for the subject. 

These works reached such a high standard, and credit is certainly due in part to the gifted Year 12 teachers who work tirelessly to bring the best out of our students. Thank you to all the behind the scenes staff involved in making such a night happen.