Sport News

Tuesday, 20 Oct 2020

Primary Athletics Carnival

It is exciting to be able to hold our annual Athletics Carnival this year. The carnival will be held at Hunter Sports Stadium, Glendale on Friday, 30th October (Week 3, Term 4).

Our carnival will look very different this year, with extra provisions made and changes to our usual format. Unfortunately, with current COVID-19 restrictions in place Kindergarten and Year 1 will remain at school for the day and parents unfortunately, are unable to attend the carnival.

We have recognised that this may make transport arrangements difficult for some families, so for 2020, students will be taken to and from the carnival by bus. Students will return in time for afternoon buses. Students are expected to attend the Carnival. There will be no classes at school for Years 2-6.

In 2020, students will not be able to leave the carnival early.

Please note, this year’s carnival may be cancelled should it be affected by poor weather. We will make a final decision before the day and advise via skoolbag.

Secondary Athletics Carnival

Exciting news: our Secondary School Athletics Carnival (Years 7-11) will be held on Thursday, 22nd October at Hunter Sports Centre Glendale from 8:30am to 2:40pm. Students are to arrive from 8:20am, and events begin at 9am. There are some restrictions in place due to COVID-19.  The main restriction affecting parents/caregivers is unfortunately that no parents or spectators are allowed to attend the carnival.

Attendance is compulsory for ALL STUDENTS. Carnival participation will be used as part of the Years 7 – 10 PDHPE Assessment. The greater the participation the higher the mark. If your child is absent they MUST provide a valid reason to the College Office.

We require student helpers, so if your child is not that fond of athletics they can assist with jobs on the day, and their non-participation in events will NOT affect their PDHPE Assessment.

College buses will be running from the College for those who cannot make their own way to and from Hunter Sports Centre. If you wish for your child to catch a College bus, have them place their name on the bus rolls at the Office. There are limited numbers available on the bus. These buses may arrive after the start of the carnival and will have to leave before the conclusion, so this may affect your child’s ability to compete in events in these time slots. Please consider this if your child is aiming for Age Champion.

Please also note that the finish time for the carnival is 2:30pm. Please arrange pick up by 2:40pm. If this isn’t possible, please have your child catch the bus back to the College to enable them to catch their normal school bus home. If your child has to leave early, they must have a valid note signed by their parent/caregiver and report to Mr Tidey and Mrs Evans at the recording desk near the exit.

Cancellation due to inclement weather will be advised through the Skoolbag app and possibly Rhema FM.

Staff Vs Student Soccer

The annual Yr 12 v Staff soccer game was able to go ahead with a Covid-19 plan in place for players and student spectators. The game was competitive, but played in a fantastic and God-honouring spirit.

Right from the kick-off, the students were on the attack and opened the scoring just 3 minutes into the game when a cross from the dangerous Isaac Smith was unable to be cleared effectively by goalkeeper Mr Sanchez, the ball falling to the feet of Clare Weimer who made no mistake from close range.

Just 2 minutes later, the students doubled their lead with a brilliant long range strike from Alex Crosher finding the top right corner, leaving Mr Sanchez with no chance at stopping the shot and the teachers wondering how they were going to get themselves back into the game.

But that moment would come, not long before halftime, when Mr Robins flicked a high bouncing ball through to Mr Hall, who was able to control the ball on the run and hit his shot past the student goalkeeper, Isaac Vromans, one-on-one. Vromans was having a big game in goals, and the teachers were relieved to be back in the game with the score 2-1 at halftime.

The teachers gained a slight wind advantage going into the 2nd half, and the momentum changed in their favour. The students, boasting about 25 players, were forced into a number of position changes throughout the game, which started to work against them. The staff picked up on this tactical advantage and looked to exploit it where possible.

It wouldn’t be long before a lovely through-ball from Mr Melcum found Chaplain, Mr Mitch Forbes, who was able to run through, finish the play and tie the game at 2-2.

The staff were relentless, and with space starting to open up, the students had to look to change their structure in order to hold on.

Student hopes were dealt a further blow when Forbes and Melcum combined again through the middle and this time found an open Mr Robins on the edge of the box, who was able to take a touch and bury the ball in the same top corner that Crosher had found earlier in the game to give the staff a lead for the first time in the game.

As staff bodies became weary, the students started to climb back into the game with a few late opportunities, including one which saw Sanchez tip a shot from Sam Nowland’s ball onto the crossbar before the ball was cleared off the line by Mr Armsberry. Some desperate defence late in the game from Mr Gribble, Mr Fryer and Mr Quick helped thwart the students attacks.

Relief for the teachers as the fulltime whistle sounded; a come from behind 3-2 win to win back the title that they had lost last year. Congratulations to the students, who played a great game and came so close in 2020.

Primary Aerobics

Our new formed Aerobics teams entered their first competition just before the holidays.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the competition had to be held online, with teams sending in a video entry.

Our 3 teams are made up of girls from K-2, Yr 3-4 and Yr 5-6. They admitted to being quite nervous during their filming but have worked hard throughout the year and produced some great performances.

The girls have been practicing twice per week at school and have worked hard on producing excellent routines.

In regard to the competition, it was the NSW FISAF State Championships. All 3 teams came away with Bronze medals which was a great result for the girls’ efforts in their first competition.

The hard work didn’t end there, with the teams filming again last week for their next competition. This next event is the National Championships, which were to be held in Brisbane. The teams will receive a national ranking after this event.

Aerobics will continue in 2021 for anyone (Boys or Girls) wishing to join the teams in the future.