Student Services Information

Wednesday, 20 Jan 2021

Student Services Contacts

We have the absolute privilege of working with students who will benefit from extra support – whether through assisting with areas that need further development, or facilitating opportunities for students to explore and strengthen areas of giftedness, enabling them to flourish. 

Students with particular needs that may affect learning are supported by our Student Services staff in a variety of ways, which may include small-group withdrawal lessons, in-class support and/or one-to-one support. Student Services staff can be contacted if you have concerns about your child’s educational needs. 

If your child has a wellbeing concern their Primary Classroom Teacher or Secondary Stage Leader/Connect Teacher should be the first contact for assistance. 

Secondary Stage Leaders:
Stage Four – Years 7 and 8: Mrs Janine Ferreira –
Stage Five – Years 9 and 10: Mr Phil Melcum –
Stage Six – Years 11 and 12: Mr Nate Miller –

For more serious concerns our College Counsellors, Mrs Liz Roberts and Mrs Bronwyn Moulds are also available –,

Enquiries regarding programs and support offered by the Student Services Team should be directed to the Head of Student Services and Wellbeing, Mrs Bronwyn Rappeneker –