Creative and Performing Arts News

Sunday, 2 Jun 2019

Physical Theatre Workshop

Last week BCC Drama students participated in a physical theatre workshop with Swoop Theatre Director, Danielle MacKinnon. The students learnt many acro balance techniques as well as how to devise a group performance using movement scores.

This was a quote from Danielle: “I had the absolute pleasure of delivering a physical theatre workshop to the entire Drama ‘company’ at Belmont Christian College today. From the moment I entered the College, I felt welcome and respected. I very quickly realised the focus, openness to learning and industriousness of the Drama students and the talent and commitment of their teacher Mrs Stewart.

Our five hour workshop flew by and I am so impressed at what the students were able to absorb and use in creation.”BCC Drama students have once again represented the College well through their commitment to learning, extending themselves and their care for each other. Well done Years 9-12 Drama students.

New Drama/Dance Studio Opening

With the help of our Secondary Drama students, the Creative Arts department was pleased to open our NEW Drama/Dance Studio in Week 4 of five-hour term. This new space has been in development for several months and currently features the professional nuances of a Dance/Drama Studio. This includes black walls and sprung, vinyl flooring. Several additions will be added in the coming weeks and months so that this remains a dedicated room for the two Performing Arts subjects.

The investment in building this space speaks to the ongoing growth in Performing Arts at BCC and the value that many of our students place on subjects like Drama and Dance. I am always encouraged to witness the significant learning that takes place in the Creative Arts, especially in what is educationally known as the 4 Cs: Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Collaboration. Each of these are incredible skills for life and work post-schooling, and with our new space, students will have the opportunity to build these skills in a purpose built room.

Mr Chris Stewart

Creative Arts Coordinator K-12