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Student Services & Wellbeing

The nurture and development of our students is at the heart of our College Vision as we aim to develop the whole person in growing up into Christ.
The dedicated Student Services Facility at our College is central in position and reflects the focus and the commitment we place on the importance of seeking to meet the needs of the students in our care. We implement a relational teaching model that recognises and seeks to develop the unique God-given qualities of individual students, in the context of a close community, helping them to flourish and preparing them to be confident, future-fit and Christ-focused.

It is our belief that all children should be able to learn in an environment where they feel safe and supported.

Our Student Service and Wellbeing Team seek to support our students in their social, spiritual, academic and emotional welfare by equipping them and their parents with effective strategies, recommendations and tools. Our team is made up of dedicated teachers, a chaplain, a school counsellor and teacher’s aides, working across our K-12 Campus. We work in collaboration with classroom teachers and parents to help our students thrive through intervention, support and working with outside agencies, when appropriate. 

The Student Services Staff have the privilege of working in collaboration with our Stage Leaders, the teaching staff of our College and the parents of our students, to help identify and address the needs of individual students through effective Pastoral Care programs, mentoring programs, one-on-one counselling, in-class support, small group tuition and exciting enrichment programs. It is deeply rewarding to see our young people develop a confidence in their God-given purpose and start to take the necessary risks to achieve great things. As a team, and as a whole College, we thank God for them and seek to cheer them on.

Areas of Responsibility

  • The gathering and reporting of our NCCD National Consistent Collection of Data for the current funding model.
  • Liaising with outside agencies regarding the wellbeing of ‘out of home care’ students and fostering and developing a positive working partnership
  • NESA – applying for Special Provisions for the HSC for students with a disability
  • Diagnostic testing of students K-12
  • Development of Individual Programs (IPs) for students with a disability/difficulty K-12
  • K-12 Wellbeing Programs across the College – partnering with the Executive, the Counsellor and the Chaplain
  • 7-12 Pastoral Care –  PC Leaders in Stages 4, 5 and 6
  • Implementing programs and staff development
  • Partnering with the College Chaplain and Counsellor to create a proactive culture of care
  • ‘Praying Parents’ – partnering with parents to support them as they faithfully pray for our College
  • Development and monitoring of classroom teachers in providing support for students with disabilities/difficulties
Life-changing Initiatives
As well as offering counselling and support to individuals, we run a number of programs and initiatives throughout the year to benefit identified groups of students. One such initiative is ‘EXTRA’, an innovative program specifically developed for a group of Year 9 male students working through the book ‘Do Hard Things’ – which focuses on the teenage years from a Biblical perspective and reminding us of Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 13:11,

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.’ 

The concept of ‘Do Hard Things’ is that we would encourage our young men to not take a vacation from responsibility in their teenage years but rather step into maturity and adulthood despite the pressure to conform to the patterns of this world. The name – ‘Extra’ – embodies the culture we desire. Transformed lives start with courageously going the extra mile today. 


Students share recent test results, discuss areas for improvement and set small, achievable goals.


Our ‘Extra’ students are mentored and encouraged to recognise the positive impact of self-discipline, take personal responsibility for their choices and behaviour and respond maturely to discipline.


Involves exercise challenges eg tracking kilometres run to accomplish our goal of running the distance across NSW.


Students are encouraged to record moments when they were frustrated or busy but they chose to elevate others’ needs above their own.


Seeking to understand and respond, and be the young men God has called them to be.
We come together to celebrate their achievements. We have already seen a number of our young men positively adjust their attitude towards school and members of their community and we are believing for a culture of ‘extra’ to help transform their thinking and ultimately their lives.