Uniform is compulsory for all students attending Belmont Christian College. For information regarding uniforms and prices, you can visit Alinta using the links below.

BCC Shoe Policy

Primary School

Boys – black, polishable leather lace-up or Velcro school shoes.

Girls – black polishable leather lace-up, Velcro or buckle school shoes.


Secondary School

Black, enclosed, polishable leather lace-up school shoes with substantial soles and a distinct heel. The leather must cover the whole upper foot, (a ‘flow-through’ tongue is preferable), and not have a platform sole or extend over the ankle. This style meets safety requirements for practical subjects.

Not permitted: ballet types, buckle or strap styles, (except in Primary School), slip-ons, high heels, open weave, open toe or open heel styles, jogger or skater styles, shoes with excessive laces or perforations, casual or canvas shoes. These styles do not meet health and safety standards.

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