College Uniform

All students are required to wear full uniform each day

View our Uniform Policy here, or read our Frequently Asked Questions.

College uniforms are provided by our uniform partner, Alinta Apparel. To make an on-site fitting appointment, review prices or place an order online, create an account with Alinta Apparel.

BCC Uniform Policy (PDF)

BCC On-Site Uniform Shop


Tuesday 1pm – 3:30pm
Wednesday 1pm – 3:30pm
Thursday 8am – 11am

Customer Service Centre
0403 587 385

Primary Uniform

Kindergarten to Year 6

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Secondary Uniform

Year 7 to Year 10

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Sport (7-12)



Senior Uniform

Year 11 to Year 12

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Sport (7-12)



Frequently Asked Questions

Is the wearing of a uniform compulsory at Belmont Christian College?

    Yes, all students are required to wear a uniform when attending Belmont Christian College

Where do I source a College uniform and accessories?

    Belmont Christian College has established a uniform partnership with Alinta Apparel. On-site uniform fittings and accessory purchases can be made during term time on Tuesdays (1:00pm – 3:30pm) or Thursdays (8:00am – 11:00am). Phone (02) 4321 0433 or email for further information.

    Note: A range of second-hand uniform options are available through a Facebook group called “BCC buy and swap second hand school uniforms”.

I would like to see a summary of all the College uniform items. Where do I go?

    Please refer to the College uniform summary here.

What are the most recent updates to the College uniform?

    Secondary boys in Years 7 to 12 wear grey shorts in summer and grey trousers in winter.
    Secondary girls in Years 7 to 12 wear the grey skirt all year round.
    Senior Secondary students in Years 11 and 12 wear a white BCC shirt or blouse.
    Socks: All boys K-12 will wear grey BCC striped socks, and girls K-12 will wear white BCC striped socks. Uniform with the three letters “BCC” can be worn on shirts, hats, wet weather jackets, sport shorts and pants.

What is the College shoe policy?

    Primary School Boys
    Black, polishable leather lace-up or velcro school shoes.
    Primary School Girls
    Black, polishable leather lace-up, velcro or buckle school shoes.
    Secondary School
    Black, enclosed leather lace-up school shoes with substantial soles and a distinct heel. The leather must cover the whole upper foot, (a ‘flow-through’ tongue’ is preferable), and not have a platform sole or extend over the ankle. This style meets safety requirements for practical subjects.

    Sport Shoes
    Must be a supportive jogger or cross-trainer, predominantly one colour. Shoelaces need to match the predominant colouring of the shoe. Joggers/cross-trainers are ONLY to be worn with the sports uniform.

Which style/type of shoe is NOT permitted?

    Ballet types, buckle or strap styles (except in Primary School as above), slip-ons, high heels, open weave, open toe or open heel styles, skater styles, shoes with excessive laces or perforations, casual or canvas shoes. These styles do not meet health and safety standards.

Can my child wear a uniform with the old logo (i.e. Crest with open book OR the letters BCC)?

    The old logo (Crest with open book) is no longer permitted, except on the College backpack. Uniform with the three letters ‘BCC’ can be worn on shirts, hats, wet weather jackets, sport shorts and pants.

What should I do with any ‘old logo’ uniforms?

    Please bring any old logo uniforms to the College front office and they will be donated to charities.

Does my child need to wear a hat when outside?

    In our Primary School, there is a ‘No hat, no play’ policy in place. In Secondary School, students are required to wear a hat when in sports uniform.