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Secondary School

Wisdom to understand the world

Secondary School at Belmont Christian College is an engaging and supportive Christian learning environment, where your teenager can discover who they are and build strong foundations as they develop into young adults. 



Secondary School signals a significant time of change for your child. The learning, growth and development that occurs throughout the teenage years lays an important framework for adulthood. We know that it’s important to you as a parent that your child is given every opportunity to do this growth in a safe, nurturing and Christ-centred community.

This is why we’re committed to creating a positive learning environment that prepares students for adulthood through high academic expectations, relational teaching, flexible learning pathways, and a supportive Wellbeing framework.

Our deep hope is to see young people thriving in all areas of their life as they discover deep relationship with Jesus, meaningful connection with their peers, and stimulating learning that sparks their imagination.

As a parent of a teenager, we know that you have a deep desire to see your child grow in their God-given potential. At Belmont Christian College, we share that same desire.

Since 1982, we’ve been seeing this deep hope unfold in the lives of thousands of children, just like yours. Our experienced, Christian staff know what it takes to deliver a rich educational experience all whilst caring deeply for students through a robust wellbeing framework.

Our modern facilities, surrounded by the beautiful Belmont Wetlands, provide students with access to specialist equipment and opportunities to extend themselves in a myriad of ways.

Learning in Secondary School

Learning that leads to Godly wisdom


Learning is not just an end in itself, but a means to gain deep wisdom which allows our students to understand God, each other, and the world.

We foster a learning community that encourages both teachers and students to have high expectations, be engaged learners, and to strive for mastery. In doing so, your teenager will receive a quality education that enables them to engage in productive and influential roles across all spheres of our community and the world.

As parents, you know that your child has a unique set of learning needs. Our desire, like yours, is to meet the learning needs of your teenager and see them flourish in a supportive and challenging school environment. This is why we carefully map their learning journey to identify areas of growth and development, collaborate with our Wellbeing and Learning Enrichment programs, and celebrate them as they achieve their learning goals.


Our pillars of academic culture support our commitment to your teenager’s learning:



High Growth expectations for students and staff

We believe that every student can learn given the right circumstances, encouragement and expectation.


Every student’s progress is visible and supervised by our learning team

Our staff work together collaboratively to ensure that your child is making progress, every term, every year.


Research-Supported teaching practice

Our staff implement and refine “best practice” teaching processes and strategies based on the best available research and professional collaboration.

Vocational Education & Training

Alternative pathways to gain industry experience and more


Many young people benefit from opportunities to study beyond the normal curriculum. Our Vocational Education & Training (VET) courses can provide an alternative pattern of study towards an HSC, and opens up a variety of post-school pathways including TAFE, University, and the workforce.

Choosing a VET subject can help your teenager to gain industry experience, achieve University entrance, build networks in the business community, receive accreditation and study credits, and build inter and intra-personal skills.

For more information about our extensive VET offering, visit our dedicated VET page using the button below. 

Discover VET at BCC

Completing your HSC at BCC

Experienced support and care during an important season


Completing the HSC can be a stressful time for the whole family. To help make this season a positive experience, your teenager has daily access to our Learning Enrichment Team and College counsellors for academic and wellbeing support.

Our Year 11 camp is intentionally designed to instil positive wellbeing and healthy study practises. The Connect wellbeing program provides teachers and students an opportunity to check-in on a twice-weekly basis, drawing down on relationships that have developed throughout Secondary School. Furthermore, many of our teachers are trained HSC markers, providing your teenager access to deep insight and knowledge about how to best approach their HSC.

For more detailed information about completing your HSC at Belmont Christian College, visit our dedicated HSC page using the button below. 

Discover HSC at BCC

Wellbeing in Secondary School

Where every student is known


The social, emotional, spiritual and physical development occurring during adolescence is fast and complex. We know how important it is for young people to feel a sense of belonging in a community during this season. Our strength-based Wellbeing framework is designed to support your child through this time, and provide them with proactive strategies to cope with life when it is difficult or challenging. 

The cornerstone of this Wellbeing framework is our Secondary Connect program. This program is designed to start important conversations about faith and wellbeing. Twice a week, your teenager will engage in activities, experiences and discussions to build deeper connections with each other and their personal faith. Connect teachers facilitate and guide conversations, open the Bible, and build relationship with your child during this time.

As your teenager navigates adolescence, there may be times where they will benefit from specialised therapy by a trained counsellor. At Belmont Christian College, we have two full-time counsellors that are available to speak with students about any concerns they may have, including friendship issues, stress and study, and regulating emotions. 

Learning Enrichment in Secondary School

Meeting the learning needs of every child


We are committed to providing an excellent and equitable education for every child. Our Learning Enrichment Team supports teachers in their responsibility and desire to educate every child well. 

The Learning Enrichment Team, in collaboration with classroom teachers, deliver support to your teenager in individual and small group settings. This includes targeted adjustments focused on your teenagers learning needs, as well as HSC support and planning. 

Through our Extension and Enrichment program, the Learning Enrichment Team also works with gifted students, who need to be challenged by more complex work so they can develop and hone their higher-order skills.


Sport in Secondary School

Moving with competence, confidence and creativity


Physical activity is critical to healthy growth and development in your teenager. Beyond the sporting field, it builds communication and teamwork skills, increases self-confidence, reduces stress and improves concentration.

Our PDHPE teachers are passionate about developing and refining the skills needed to lead a healthy, safe and physically active life as your teenager grows into an empowered, confident and socially responsible adult.

For talented, sports-oriented students, we offer a number of elite pathways to extend and enrich their skills through representative sport. 

Partnering with you

Communication between your family and the College forms a crucial part of the education journey.

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