At BCC, we recognise that each of our students has God-given abilities and talents, and it is our desire to equip students to realise their potential to be the ‘influencers’ of a generation for Jesus Christ. Our high academic expectations, flexible course structure and learning pathways, optimum class sizes, individualised academic counselling and open communication with families promote a positive learning environment for all our students.
A Learning Community


The College offers an outstanding program of academic, vocational, sporting, cultural and social experiences aimed at transforming lives. As well, the intention is to integrate into all facets of College life distinct opportunities for developing an understanding of a Christian worldview and for spiritual growth.

A range of programs are offered that help support students in their holistic growth to strengthen their success at school and make them future-fit. As well as the day-to-day curriculum classes, students meet together with their teachers in a range of pastoral care, Stage and Year specific sessions designed to foster friendships, develop positive relationships and create a sense of belonging.

We also run study skills programs such as ‘Enterprise’, staff/student mentors and other regular scheduled incursions and excursions, all of which aim to better assist students to make quality decisions for their pattern of study here, as well as for life beyond school. Focus groups such as those working on iSTEM projects or preparing for the various Science and Engineering Challenge competitions meet in the Science labs to hone their skills.

A Supportive Environment

Pastoral Care

The nurture and development of our Years 7-12 students is at the heart of our College Vision as we aim to develop the whole person in growing up into Christ. This is fostered by our organisation of co-ed Year 7-12 Connect groups designed to promote the cohesiveness of each year group. Connect sessions intentionally enable significant times for students to experience meaningful connection with others, and positive affirmation in their learning, and to develop a close relationship with their teachers and a small group of their peers. The Connect teacher generally remains with the same group of students in Stage 4 to Stage 6. As well, our Stage Leaders coordinate Pastoral Care programs and oversee the welfare of their year groups.

Our mentoring programs foster transformation as students discover and realise their goals, through intentionally structured Pastoral Care and student/staff connections, or in drawing on visiting speakers or year group conferences that occur on a fortnightly rotation. At BCC we understand students need a significant adult in their life who can address difficult issues that inevitably arise, and we believe we work well in partnership with parents to complement the Christian values of the home.  Some of the areas addressed include how to balance recreational and academic pursuits, discovering ways to be better organised for success, maintaining good relationships, wellbeing and resilience.

At BCC there are many formal occasions when the Pastoral Care of each student is actively developed including weekly chapel, devotions, activity days, school camps and mission trips.

Academic Support

Students at the College undertake an approved NESA assessment program. Assessment is an essential component of the teaching and learning cycle. ‘Assessment for, assessment as, and assessment of’ learning are approaches that enable our teachers to gather evidence and make judgements about student achievement. These approaches to assessment are not necessarily discrete methodologies and may be used individually or together, and formally or informally. The principles of assessment have some common elements:
  • self-assessment and peer assessment
  • strategies for students to monitor and evaluate their own learning
  • feedback with evidence to help teachers and students decide readiness for the next phase of learning or whether there is need for further learning experiences to consolidate their knowledge, understanding and skills
Our classwork, assessment, and reporting enables teachers, students and parents to readily identify areas of strength as well as see the opportunities for further development. Extension and Enrichment programmes and strategies cater for these students, aiming to help them reach their potential. There are also many ways we support students with learning needs. Our Student Services and Wellbeing Unit supports students with classwork and assessments, with the intention to integrate into class as often as possible to enhance academic progression for each individual student.
Reaching Out to Others
Our commitment is to make the good news of Jesus known, not just in words, but also in action.  Throughout the Bible, God’s people are reminded to care for the needy and powerless.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for our students and staff to serve both within the College community and beyond. We seek to raise the profile of individuals and groups within our community who are involved in mission and ministry, encouraging and supporting them as much as possible. Years 7 and 8 have an annual focus called Challenge Day, which raises awareness and sponsorship funds for their Compassion children. Year 10 students participate in an annual community service program which has seen the staff and students giving their time and energy to a variety of local needs and charities. Also, the Marine Studies class visits several targeted projects in Vanuatu on their annual dive and service trips. Our vision is to see our students growing into globally responsible citizens who are committed to using what they have been given to meet the physical, social and spiritual needs of those around them.  The pinnacle of our students’ experience of this is the Year 12 ‘Schoolies’ adventure in Thailand each November, where students work on projects at our sister school, the New Light Christian Development Centre in Baan Namkem, Thailand. This is truly transformational learning.
Developing Leaders

There are ongoing life-transforming benefits when students are encouraged to take on leadership.  Student leadership impacts the tone of our whole community and we are committed to developing young men and women who take on leadership roles.  Following the example of Jesus, we seek to train up our students to view leadership as an opportunity to serve. They are provided with mentoring as they explore their own gifts and passions in a relatively safe context. As well as a number of less formal lunch-time groups and activities, we provide more formal opportunities through each of the Stages:

  • Student Council (Years 7-10)
  • Sport House Captains
  • House Stage Leaders (Years 7-10)
  • Connect Service Teams (Years 7-12)
  • Prefects (Years 11 and 12)
  • College Captains and Vice Captains (Year 12)
Embracing Technology

At BCC we believe that the purpose of technology is to meet human need. Helping others is a core value at BCC, so we desire to empower students to use technology to serve others and glorify God. We want our students to be excited by the possibilities digital technologies create for them.  It is our goal to provide a seamless environment where digital teaching and learning resources are available, either online, at home or at the College, and to be intentionally innovative and future-focused. 

BCC Secondary students currently work in up-to-date computer facilities and a one-to-one student laptop program using Chromebook devices and Google Classroom. All students have access to the College network and their own email address. We have incorporated a Digital Discipleship course for all students and parents to complete on issue of their purchased devices.

Enrol your child in Secondary School at Belmont Christian College

If you are seeking a school for your child and would like further information, or a tour of College facilities, please do not hesitate to enquire with us. We look forward to welcoming you to our College community.
VET – Vocational Education & Training
We recognise that future-fit students have a broad academic and practical skillset.  Vocational Education and Training (VET) allows students to gain a nationally recognised industry qualification as part of their HSC. Industry Curriculum Framework VET subjects include a HSC exam and may contribute to a student’s ATAR. Content Endorsed VET subjects can be part of a student’s HSC subjects but do not involve a HSC exam and so do not contribute to the ATAR. At BCC, students can study Hospitality and Information Technology Industry Curriculum courses onsite.  There is also the opportunity for students to study a wide range of both Industry Curriculum and Content Endorsed VET subjects at nearby TAFE campuses or affiliated schools.
Wide Variety of Learning Experiences
The range of learning experiences at the College facilitate cooperative, autonomous and lifelong learning. They include teaching and learning programs and approaches, camps, visiting speakers, excursion, incursions, extra tutoring and student activities that incorporate the many ways teachers and students learn together. The College provides instruction and assessment on an equitable basis that meets the needs of all students that is consistent with the requirements of the approved scope of the Key Learning Areas of the NSW syllabus areas as directed by NESA. We also maintain a distinctive Christian perspective to all aspects of the curriculum, enabling a holistic approach to learning. At BCC we have developed a strong reputation for outstanding academic achievement, positive pastoral care and rich diversity of co-curricular activities, including service learning. We are committed to providing the best all-round education for our students by challenging them in their intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual development.
Creative Arts
Our specialised and exceptionally talented Secondary Creative Arts staff provide the opportunity for students to thrive in their areas of gifting and interest as they grow up into Christ. We offer a range of elective Creative Arts subjects from Year 9-12, while Music and Visual Arts remain mandatory subjects in Stage 4. Visual Arts and Photographic and Digital Media are very popular subjects due to the skill, experience and passion of our Visual Arts teachers. Photographic and Digital Media runs as an elective in Stage 5 where students develop skills and knowledge around photo and film, and become experienced users of technology within this field. Students who continue with Visual Arts for the HSC have typically done exceptionally well. Drama is an elective subject from Year 9-12 and offers a range of quality experiences and opportunities, including the annual Theatresports Championships, the Year 11 Play and specialist workshops with ATYP (Australian Theatre for Young People). Music is also on offer as an elective subject from Year 9-12 where an emphasis is placed on musicianship skills, integrated with the use of technology, to enhance composition and performance. The co-curricular opportunities within Creative Arts include the opportunity to participate in a bi-annual musical, String Ensemble, Concert Band, Dance Ensemble and Vocal Ensemble performances. At BCC, we host excellent music tutors who teach individual lessons throughout the school day. Our tutors are caring, Christian musicians with 8th Grade AMEB (or equivalent) training to ensure a high standard of musicianship in the College. We encourage all students to invest in learning an instrument and participating in a music ensemble as this can significantly improve cognitive ability, concentration and wellbeing. It’s a truly transformational experience.
Modelling Healthy, Active Lifestyles
We aim to provide opportunities for all students to learn about and practise ways of adopting and maintaining healthy, productive and active lifestyles. The College provides a wide range of sporting opportunities designed around inclusive participation regardless of skill level and experience. Our PDHPE curriculum framework:
  • is unique in the opportunities available to students;
  • enables experience of various traditional sports and opportunity to participate in a range of non-traditional sports;
  • has use of extensive outdoor sporting areas onsite;
  • uses our fleet of buses to access other sporting venues, the lake and the many beautiful beaches in the greater Lake Macquarie and Newcastle region;
  • provides pathways for talented sports orientated students to pursue representative honours. The College is a member of Christian Schools Sports Association NSW (CSSA) where students are able to represent NSW Christian Schools at Combined Independent Schools (CIS) events and at National Christian School events.