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BCC communicates home to parent/caregiver’s via the Skoolbag App. Skoolbag provides an easy and convenient means of communication of essential information including the College Newsletters, notices and alerts which are communicated directly to parents and caregivers through the Skoolbag Mobile App on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. We encourage parents to download the Skoolbag App and check-in to the App on a regular basis for any announcements to keep you informed.

Step 1

Using your mobile device, open the App Store/Play Store and search for ‘Skoolbag’.

Step 2

Open the app and add ‘Belmont Christian College’.

Step 3

Add relevant group/s. E.g. Beginners, Primary School, Secondary School.

Sentral Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a place where parents can access their child’s reports, check and update personal records, log their child’s absences, give permission for excursions, book parent-teacher interviews, and more.

Should you experience any difficulties accessing the portal, please do not hesitate to email for assistance.


If you would like to email your child’s teacher directly, please use the following structure:

Social Media

We post regular highlights from around our College community on Facebook and Instagram. We’d love for you to engage with us on these platforms by following, liking and commenting!

Online Quicklinks

Need to find out some important information? We have a number of helpful resources on our website for your reference. If you still have a question, feel free to contact the College.

Term Dates

The latest term dates and holiday information.

College Calendar

Live list of key dates on the College Calendar. Subject to change.


Stay up to date with the BCC uniform requirements and find out how to purchase uniform items.


Discover the scope of our extensive public and private bus routes to and from the College.

Community Hub

A place where you can catch up on all things BCC. Photos, videos, the latest newsletters and upcoming events information can all be found here at the Community Hub.

Music Tutors

Find the contact information for all the music tutors available to students at the College.

Instrument Hire Form

Use this form to hire an instrument from the College.

BCC Sport

Find up-to-date information regarding Sport at BCC.


Our COVID-19 resource site contains a range of helpful resources for Remote Learning and student wellbeing in the context of COVID-19. Official communication regarding COVID-19 will be made available here as well as through the regular communication channels.

Online Canteen Orders

Our canteen uses Munch Monitor for online orders. Follow the link to login using School ID: belmontcc and Password: munch2280.

Primary School Live A-Z Guide

Download A-Z Guide

Secondary School Live A-Z Guide

Download A-Z Guide


Purchasing Chromebooks

Belmont Christian College partners with Learning With Technologies (LWT) to deliver Chromebooks that can be purchased directly by parents online. We mandate that student Chromebooks must be purchased through this portal, which includes the option to purchase the device on a 12-month interest-free payment plan. Once the device is selected and purchased it is sent to the school where we enrol it into our system. After this it will be made available for collection by the parent or student.

    To buy a Chromebook, click the link below and then select the ‘buy now’ button.

    Buy Chromebook

    Benefits with this program include:

    • A choice of devices
    • The option of 12 month interest free payment plan
    • 3 year warranty
    • The option for insurance (accident/loss/theft).

    Protecting Chromebooks

    To protect the Chromebooks the College provides lockers for all Secondary students to use at recess, lunch and when not using their Chromebook for extended periods of time during the day. At the end of each College day, students must take their Chromebook home to complete their homework and to have the device charged and ready. No student Chromebook is to be left in the lockers overnight.

    Chromebooks are required to be in a case or hard cover bag when not in use. We strongly recommend you purchase a sturdy cover to give your child’s Chromebook maximum protection and prevent costly screen damage. We don’t recommend any specific brand of case, but one that is advertised to protect a screen size of 11″ should fit well.