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Our Story

More than 40 Years of Christian Education
in Lake Macquarie

If you’ve ever set foot on the expansive grounds of Belmont Christian College, you may have noticed two things…

First, the hum of excitement, heralding a new day of student learning. Second, as the sun slowly crept its way over the John Darling Colliery heritage buildings, a sense that there was something really special about this place. Almost as if the stories of faithful saints, generosity, hard work, high achievement and Christ-centred education were whispering in the light morning breeze, never too far away.

Belmont Christian College is a special place. For sixty-two years it was a coal mine, employing over 3000 people during its lifespan.

That was until 1992, when after a decade of educating children out the back of Belmont Baptist Church, the first week of school began on the site of the old John Darling Colliery. The financial and physical task to transform the Colliery was immense, but it was no match for the faithful group of families who pioneered Belmont Christian College.

Since then, many Alumni have uttered the words, “there’s something different about BCC.” We believe there really is. From its inception, Belmont Christian College has been committed to prayerfully partnering with families and churches in the education of their children.

We hope you can join the unfolding story of Belmont Christian College as we faithfully look towards how God will shape the next 40 years of Christian Education in Lake Macquarie.


Belmont Christian College was birthed out of the mighty vision of a small group of Belmont Baptist Church parents who vigorously pursued a Christian Education for their children.


12 enrolments were all that were needed to set up the College at the back of Belmont Baptist Church. Principal at the time, Mrs Diane Wooldridge, reflects on her 22 years at Belmont Christian College: “the two words that come to mind are ‘commitment’ and ‘faithfulness’.” Resources were very limited, and every piece of basic equipment was precious.

When the College outgrew the grounds of Belmont Baptist Church, God, in His faithfulness, drew the Board to the abandoned John Darling Colliery in Belmont North.

  A successful Stewardship Campaign enabled Belmont Baptist Church families to purchase the Colliery. Restoration work began immediately. A team of dedicated, hard-working volunteers would meet every weekend for three years before the Colliery site was ready to receive students. Belmont Christian College began operating out of the John Darling Colliery in 1992. Since then, it has grown significantly. Major building projects, such as the “Middle School” Building and the Library have reshaped the College grounds and provided inspiring places of learning and celebration, catering today for over 780 students.

From Pre-Kinder (BCC Beginners) to Year 12, the vision of our early pioneers lives on, to partner with families and churches to provide quality Christian Education in Lake Macquarie.


Our relational teaching model, faith-based community, strong emphasis on Wellbeing, and committed Christian teachers, are all born out of this vision.

We welcome you and your family to come onsite and take a closer look at this ‘special place’ that we lovingly call BCC. We expectantly look forward to the future and where God will take our College community in the years to come.