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HSC  |  Community and Family Studies

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Course Description

Community and Family Studies is an interdisciplinary course drawing upon selected components of family studies, sociology, developmental psychology and students’ general life experiences. This course focuses on skills in resource management that enable people to function effectively in their everyday lives, in families and communities. 

This course develops students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to effective decision-making leading to confidence and competence in solving practical problems in the management of everyday living. 

Community and Family Studies investigates the unique contributions of individuals, groups, families and communities in the development of effective social structures


Community and Family Studies


2 (Preliminary and HSC)

Course Type

Board Developed

Topics studied in Year 11

  • Core No. 1 – Resource Management
  • Core No. 2 – Individual and Groups
  • Core No. 3 – Families and Communities

Topics studied in Year 12

  • Core No. 1 – Research Methodology
  • Core No. 2 – Groups in Context
  • Core No. 3 – Parenting and Caring
  • Option – Social Impact of Technology

What do you do in this course?

Students develop a comprehensive understanding of research methodology applicable at tertiary education level. They enhance their skills in collecting, analysing and organising information

During the HSC Course students undertake a IRP – Independent Research Project, closely monitored by the teacher.

Community and Family Studies provides a context within which to develop general competencies essential for the acquisition of skills that will enable students to contribute effectively to their community.

How can this course help you in the future?

Community and Family Studies helps develop essential skills to survive in a tertiary education level, in particular research.

Vocational opportunities that may arise from studying Community and Family Studies include social work, teaching, ministry opportunities, case worker and counselling.