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HSC  |  English (Standard)

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Course Description

The English Standard course provides students, who have a diverse range of literacy skills, with the opportunity to analyse, study and enjoy a breadth and variety of English texts to become confident and effective communicators. English Standard offers a rich language experience that is reflected through the integrated modes of reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and representing. Through study of the course modules students continue to develop their skills to analyse, reconsider and refine meaning and to reflect on their own processes of responding, composing and learning.


English (Standard)


2 (Preliminary and HSC)

Course Type

Board Developed

Topics studied in Year 11

  • Module A: Reading to Write
  • Contemporary Possibilities
  • Close Study of Text

Topics studied in Year 12

  • Common Module: Texts and Human Experiences
  • Module A: Language, Identity and Culture
  • Module B: Close Study of Text
  • Module C: The Craft of Writing

What do you do in this course?

Read, discuss, analyse and compose texts of varying types for various purposes, all designed to enhance your ability to communicate effectively and understand the world we live in.

How can this course help you in the future?

While not as demanding as Advanced English, this course is still challenging, and is recommended for those students who wish to go to University, who are perhaps unsure but would like to achieve an ATAR and would like to study less sophisticated texts.