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Course Description

The Mathematics Advanced course is a calculus-based course focused on developing student awareness of mathematics as a unique and powerful way of viewing the world to investigate order, relation, pattern, uncertainty and generality. The course provides students with the opportunity to develop ways of thinking in which problems are explored through observation, reflection and reasoning.


Maths (Advanced)


(Preliminary and HSC)

Course Type

Board Developed

Topics studied in Year 11

  • Functions : [Working with Functions]
  • Trigonometric Functions : [Trigonometry / Measurement of Angles / Functions and Identities]
  • Calculus : [Introduction to Differentiation]
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions : [Logs and Exponentials]
  • Statistical Analysis : [Probability and Discrete Probability]

Topics studied in Year 12

  • Functions : [Graphing Techniques]
  • Trigonometric Functions : [Functions and Graphs]
  • Calculus : [Differential Calculus / The Second Derivative / Integral Calculus]
  • Financial Mathematics : [Modelling Financial Situations]
  • Statistical Analysis : [Descriptive Statistics / Bivariate Data / Random Variables]

What do you do in this course?

The Advanced Mathematics course places an emphasis on developing skills and understanding in calculus and extending skills with algebra and trigonometry. While it is more theory dependent than the General Course, it allows students to gain a more robust understanding of how and why Mathematics works, making it suitable for students wanting to pursue future studies in scientific fields.

How can this course help you in the future?

Due to the more theoretical nature of Advanced Mathematics, students will be better prepared for future studies in Mathematics at a tertiary level. More and more institutions are placing an emphasis on students having some background in calculus as a prerequisite to course entry. Careers include involvement in the fields of science, economics and education.