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HSC  |  Personal Development, Health & Physical Education

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Course Description

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) is an integrated area of study that provides for the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of students. It involves students learning about and practising ways of maintaining active, healthy lifestyles and improving their health status.

This course focuses on a social view of health where the principles of diversity, social justice and supportive environments are fundamental aspects of health.

PDHPE also includes a detailed study of movement and physical activity. The emphasis is on understanding how the body moves and how to improve performance. Scientific aspects to be studied include anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and skill acquisition.


Personal Development, Health & Physical Education


(Preliminary and HSC)

Course Type

Board Developed

Topics studied in Year 11

  • Core No. 1 –  Better Health for Individuals
  • Core No. 2 – The Body in Motion
  • Option No. 1 – First Aid
  • Option No. 2 – Fitness Choices

Topics studied in Year 12

  • Core No. 1 – Health Priorities in Australia
  • Core No. 2 – Factors Affecting Performance
  • Option No. 1 – Improving Performance
  • Option No. 2 – Sports Medicine

What do you do in this course?

Students develop a capacity to think critically about key issues related to health and physical activity in order to make informed decisions that support and contribute to healthy, active lifestyles and communities. We analyse Australia’s Health issues and develop essential skills on healthy living and first aid.

Students also build a comprehensive understanding of all factors for improving sports related performance.

How can this course help you in the future?

The syllabus provides a direct link with study and vocational pathways in the areas of recreation and physical activity, fitness, paramedical science, sports coaching and health sciences.