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HSC  |  Studies of Religion

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Course Description

It’s important to know how to relate to people with a different worldview. The SOR course is designed to give you a chance to explore a variety of secular and religious perspectives. If you’re the kind of person who would love to know more about what a Muslim or a Buddhist or an Athiest believes, then this will be right up your alley.

Each topic explores the original settings where beliefs developed. You’ll learn about the common ideals and hopes that flow through all worldviews and consider what is unique to each. If you’re looking for a thoughtful introduction to the diverse beliefs that make up the modern world, then SOR is for you.


    Studies of Religion I & II


    (Usually studied as a two unit option, however can be completed as a one unit course)

    Course Type

    Board Developed

    Topics studied in Year 11

    • The Nature of Religion and Beliefs including Indigenous Spirituality
    • THREE Religious Tradition Studies chosen from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism 
    • TWO Religions of Ancient Origin chosen from any Indigenous religion outside of Australia.
    • Religion in Australia pre-1945

    Topics studied in Year 12

    • Religion in Australia post-1945
    • THREE Religious Tradition Depth Studies based on the religions chosen in Year 11. The focus for each religion is on:
      • A significant person or idea
      • An examination of an ethical response to the modern world
      • A significant religious ceremony or practice.
    • Religion and Peace exploring the unique contributions that a faith brings to both individual and world peace.
    • Religion and Non-Religion – examining contemporary worldviews and their influence on society.

    What do you do in this course?

    SOR is a subject that suits students who enjoy thoughtful conversations about matters of faith. It provides an opportunity to reflect on ethical responses and religious practices in the modern world. Students who enjoy research and challenging their way of thinking will find this subject both stimulating and rewarding. There is significant opportunity to engage meaningfully with people from other religions, examining ideas and building dialogue.

    How can this course help you in the future?

    SOR equips us to have respectful conversations with people from all backgrounds and faiths. Your experience of the Christian faith will be enriched and you’ll have the opportunity to build a mature understanding of the values and beliefs that others identify with. If you want to develop the skills needed to have healthy conversations with others who see the world differently, then this is the subject for you.