Prayer and Praise Points

Wednesday, 5 Feb 2020

Prayer and Praise Points, IMG 0926

Praying together as a Community

This little Jacaranda tree, that stands at the corner of the entrance path to BCC, exemplifies life here at the College. Despite all the odds against it throughout our intensely hot summer, we see a little tree flourishing. What does it take for a little tree to flourish despite soaring temperatures, hot dry winds and water restrictions? It takes being hand watered at its roots – via ag-piping put in when it was first planted. It takes being wrapped in shade cloth to help protect it from the scorching sun and drying winds.

As I stood on duty this morning I marvelled at God’s kindness and faithfulness in ensuring that this little tree has not only ‘made it’ but is now confidently holding up its new, delicate green leaves to the sunshine. 

As our students walked into school it was evident that our prayer for our children this year needs to be that they flourish. 

Yes, there will be tough times ahead, circumstances that are demanding and, sadly, sometimes devastating. But as a school that helps our children plant themselves deeply in God’s Word, and wraps them in loving relationships and challenges them in their thinking and skill development…we too will see our ‘little trees’ (and not so little trees) begin to flourish and stand in wonder and adoration at what God is faithfully doing in their lives. 

If you would join us this year to pray for our students, and our teachers, we would be most grateful. We have a Praying Parents Group that you are welcome to participate in click here for further information. Or perhaps at your dinner table each night, your family could commit to lifting other families before God’s throne of grace, and together we can observe young lives being nurtured and strengthened and beginning to flourish.

Mrs Bronwyn Rappeneker
Head of Student Services and Wellbeing