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Primary School 

Building a strong foundation 

Primary School at Belmont Christian College is a warm & nurturing Christian environment, where your child is provided the loving support and deep learning they need to thrive.

Primary School is a big step into the world for you and your child. In these formative years, academic, social, and spiritual foundations are made that will prepare them for the rest of their life. We know how important this time is for your child, which is why we’re passionately committed to creating teaching and learning spaces that enable students to be healthy, happy, engaged and successful, all whilst growing in their relationship with God. 

Our deep hope is to see young people thriving in all areas of their life as they discover deep relationship with Jesus, meaningful connection with their peers, and stimulating learning that sparks their imagination.

Every parent has a deep desire to see their child flourish. At Belmont Christian College, we share that same desire.

Since 1982, we’ve been seeing this deep hope unfold in the lives of thousands of children, just like yours. Our experienced, Christian staff know what it takes to deliver a rich educational experience all whilst caring deeply for students through a robust wellbeing framework.

Our modern facilities, surrounded by the beautiful Belmont Wetlands, provide students with access to specialist equipment and opportunities to extend themselves in a myriad of ways.

Learning in Primary School

Learning that leads to Godly wisdom


Learning is an incredible gift, and it is essential to the educational foundations for your child. At Belmont Christian College, we encourage teachers and students to have high expectations, be engaged learners, and to strive for mastery as they understand God, each other, and the world around them.

As parents know best, every child has a unique set of learning needs. Our desire, like yours, is to see the needs of your child met as they learn. In collaboration with our Wellbeing and Learning Enrichment Teams, we carefully map their learning journey to identify areas of growth and development. We take great pleasure in celebrating your child as they achieve their learning goals.


Our pillars of academic culture support our commitment to your child’s learning:



High Growth expectations for students and staff

We believe that every student can learn given the right circumstances, encouragement and expectation.


Every student’s progress is visible and supervised by our learning team

Our staff work together collaboratively to ensure that your child is making progress, every term, every year.


Research-Supported teaching practice

Our staff implement and refine “best practice” teaching processes and strategies based on the best available research and professional collaboration.

Wellbeing in Primary School

Every child has God-given ability and worth


We believe that your child has God-given ability and worth, and we’re committed to fostering a community in which they feel a sense of belonging as they Grow Up Into Christ.

Our daily classroom Devotions and weekly Biblical Studies lessons are focused on the love of Jesus, and are programmed across Pre-Kinder (BCC Beginners) to Year 6.

Promoting the wellbeing of your child is a collaborative effort. Our classroom teachers, Primary Coordinators, School Counsellors and the Head of School, partner with you to help your child thrive in all areas of life. Each week, teachers implement Wellbeing strategies to monitor and improve mental health and provide optimal learning environments, such as safe spaces in classrooms for students who need ‘retreat time’.

Further, our two full-time counsellors are available to speak with you and your child about any concerns they may have, including friendship issues, stress and schoolwork, and regulating emotions.

Learning Enrichment in Primary School

Meeting the learning needs of every child


We are committed to providing an excellent and equitable education for every child. Our Learning Enrichment Team exists to support teachers in their responsibility and desire to educate every child well.

In Primary School, the Learning Enrichment Team delivers support in a variety of ways, including phonics and Maths consolidation, small groups, individual in-class support, adjustments to the learning environment, and liaising with external providers.

Through our Extension and Enrichment program, the Learning Enrichment Team works with gifted students, who need to be challenged by more complex work so that they can develop and hone their higher-order skills.


Sport in Primary School

Developing a love for movement


Physical activity is critical to growth and development in your child. In addition to building a healthy body composition, motor skills, concentration, sleep and thinking skills have all been shown to improve alongside physical activity and movement in young children.

That’s why we value physical activity, movement, and sport through our inclusive Primary PE program, run by our dedicated PE teacher.

In Primary School, basic movement patterns, major sport rules, and the benefits of lifelong physical activity are instilled at an early stage, providing the foundation for your child to excel in Secondary School PDHPE and other sporting opportunities.

Creative Arts in Primary School

At Belmont Christian College, we love the creative and performing arts.

Each day we encourage your children to grow in their love and appreciation of music, drama, dance and the visual arts. For one hour a week, Primary classes take lessons with a Specialist Music Teacher and a Specialist Drama/Dance Teacher.

Primary, Music Instrument Tryouts 01


Music is a wonderful gift from God for all humanity to enjoy. We are convinced of the many benefits of a quality music education, where students receive:

A lifelong love and appreciation for beautiful and enriching music

The benefits of cognitive development through music making

Healthy mental and wellbeing mechanisms produced through music

Our approach to developing quality musicianship is first introduced through a sequenced singing method of musicianship known as Kodály. This way of learning commences in Kindergarten and forms the foundation of all music learning at the College, including music instrument ensemble playing and choral singing.

Stage Arts

Our Stage Arts program encourages each student to give expression to their unique, God given, ability to create. Our program provides opportunities to:

Equip the individual with skills and understandings to communicate and move effectively in front of an audience.

Build confidence in students, as they creatively explore in an environment that promotes risk taking and self expression.

Develop the ability to work through challenges and collaborative tasks.

Mindfully assess their work, encouraging personal growth through the giving and receiving of quality feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

What opportunities are available to extend or care for my child, who is academically gifted?

The Learning Support Team can help your child develop and hone their higher-order skills through a differentiated curriculum (including extension, enrichment, and compaction of the core curriculum) as well as a more age-appropriate class placement if necessary. In addition, our Extension and Enrichment program allows all students to explore their areas of talent, helping to foster a positive attitude toward learning.

What support is available to my child, who has learning difficulties?

The Learning Enrichment Team, in collaboration with your child’s classroom teacher, are well-equipped to prove support to your child. In Primary School, the Learning Enrichment Team delivers support in a variety of ways, including phonics and Maths consolidation, small groups, individual in-class support, adjustments to the learning environment, and liaising with external providers. 

Our Learning Enrichment Team are available throughout your enrolment process to support you and your child and ensure a smooth transition.

How is my child’s mental health monitored?

The monitoring of your child’s mental health starts with a healthy teacher-student relationship. Classroom teachers regularly ask your child about their life, their emotions, and how safe they feel. Observable factors, such as rates of absence, are also used as a helpful tool in monitoring the mental health of your child. 

Is the PE program run by classroom teachers or a dedicated PE teacher?

The Primary School PE program is run by a dedicated PE teacher. 

Partnering with you

Communication between your family and the College forms a crucial part of the education journey.

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