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Year 7 Team

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From our College Principal, Ms. Sharon Sopher

It is my privilege to welcome you and your family to Belmont Christian College. Under God, our College exists to support you, as parents, in the education of your children.

There is a famous scripture from the book of Proverbs that reads:

Train up a child in the way they should go; and when they are old, they will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

As your child embarks on this new season of Secondary School, please know that we are here by your side, to not only educate your children, but also to do life with you and your family. We welcome you as you become part of this rich Christian community, and we continue to pray daily that your child will be loved and known by name. Welcome to Year 7. It is a privilege to have you here at the College.

Mr Alex Cameron

Head of Secondary

I would like to extend my warmest welcome to you and your child into our College community. We are really looking forward to partnering with you as your child begins Secondary School at BCC.

With many rich and engaging learning opportunities ahead of them, Year 7 is an exciting transition into Stage 4. Year 7 will provide your child with new learning opportunities, with distinct key learning area subjects and specialist teaching staff guiding your child and modelling a Biblical perspective for learning. In Year 7, your child will enjoy a range of extra curricular opportunities including Creative Arts and sporting gala days, as well as an exciting cohort camp during Term 1.

Your child is welcomed into a place of belonging, helping them to understand and live in the world the way the world works best, focusing on the Lordship of Christ and relationships that honour others as God’s created image bearers.

Mr Nate Miller

Head of Wellbeing

What an exciting new season you are about to embark on with your child!

Your child’s development as a whole person is at the forefront of what we do here at BCC. Our desire and prayer is for every child to feel known, have a deep sense of belonging, and to become all that God has called them to be. Secondary School will be a transformative time for your child, where they will become increasingly independent, take on new challenges and continue to form their character and identity.

Alongside our entire BCC staff, your child will have two teachers specifically assigned to care for them pastorally:

Connect teacher
Our Connect program is designed to start important conversations about faith and wellbeing to allow your child to reflect on this formative time in their lives. Twice a week, your child will participate in Connect activities, experiences and discussions to build deeper connections with each other and their personal faith. Their Connect teacher will facilitate and guide conversations, open the Bible, and help them to build relationships with others.

Stage 4 Leader
Mr Phil Melcum will have oversight of Year 7, triage any concerns you or your child may have, and be someone your child can approach regarding any pastoral or wellbeing concern.

Mr Phil Melcum

Stage 4 Leader

Welcome to Secondary School. It is great to have you join us.

My role as your child’s Stage 4 Leader is to ensure that their transition to Secondary School is as smooth as possible, to advocate for their needs, and to help support them to stretch themselves as learners and as young people. I am also here to help you, as parents and carers, to navigate the complex layers of life in Secondary School. I will triage any concerns or questions you may have, and direct you to the best person with whom to speak.

I will also be able to answer a range of day-to-day questions regarding uniform, equipment and timetabling, as well as any pastoral or wellbeing concerns you may have regarding your child. If you would like to discuss your child’s needs, please contact me at